CVap Smoked Ribs on a Green Egg

Ribs on a Green Egg are fall off the bone, full of texture with every bite. Baby back or St. Louis Style? Dry rub? Sauced? Grilled, baked, boiled – don’t even go there! Everyone has an opinion on how they like their ribs. My favorite recipe involves a wood smoker and CVap® cooking. It’s a combination of techniques that I am proud to share.

I have tried making my own rub and tried store-bought. My go-to is Meathead Memphis Rub and it will make your ribs OUT OF THIS WORLD! I started using this dry rub a few years back and haven’t changed since.

Next, go with your favorite rib, I’m using St. Louis style. Trim excess fat and shiny membrane from the back. Using a paper towel to pull off the silver skin makes the job easier.

After that, generously cover with Meathead Memphis Rub.

Start your smoker!

I’m using a Big Green Egg. Light high-quality lump charcoal and bring the smoker to 225-250°F. For this recipe, I like a mix of hickory and applewood. Add whichever wood chunks you prefer and let’s get smokin!

Once smoke is billowing out, add the ribs. Cook for 2.2 hours on the smoker. Add wood chunks as necessary.

I have found that smoking ribs on a Green Egg for four hours can result in dry ribs. After smoking, I moved them to a CVap Cook and Hold Oven for the perfect balance of smoke, bite, and tenderness. Cook in the CVap oven for 1.5 – 2 hours at 180 degrees Food Temperature and +40 Food Texture (Browning). CVap has the ability to precisely finish cooking. You’ll have tender moist ribs, still with a little bite. YUM!

After CVap cooking, place the ribs on foil, top with a drizzle of local honey and a few tablespoons of butter. Put back on 350°F grill to heat through and to melt the butter and honey. Serve immediately. If you like sauce, sauce on the grill, flip, and sauce on another side.

If you want to serve the next day, after CVap, chill and reheat the next day following the above grill instructions.

We are here to please all smoked ribs lovers!

ribs smoking on a Big Green Egg
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