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Aussie Bison Slider in Cvap®

Aussie Bison Sliders are a much-loved specialty in Australia. They are bursting with flavor, and can credibly be called a party in your mouth! Why not try this unique twist on that perennial grill staple.

Aussie Bison Burger

The classic Aussie slider burger is composed of something like this:

Our version is similar, but we added a couple of twists and staging, the burgers to make service and assembly a snap:


Mix one quart of Egg Beaters and pour onto a sprayed ½ sheet pan.

Cook in a CVap Cook and Hold Oven at 200°F + 0 (New CVap 200°F Vapor Temp/200°F Air Temp) for 20 minutes. The finished product will resemble an egg crepe.

CVap Roasted Beets

Roast whole beets in a CVap Cook/Hold at 200°F + 10 (New CVap 200°F Vapor Temp/210°F Air Temp) for 2 hours with Constant Cook ON, then drop down to 200°F + 0 (New CVap 200°F Vapor Temp/200°F Air Temp) for two hours. After cooking, the beets are to be cooled, peeled and sliced thin.


Cook bacon strips in a CVap Retherm Oven at 200°F + 100 (new CVap 200°F Vapor Temp/300°F Air Temp) for 25 minutes, then crumble and set aside for the sauce.

eggs in pan
Crumbled Bacon

Bison Sliders

Per pound of ground bison, mix the following ingredients:

  • One egg
  • 1 ¼ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp black pepper
  • ¼ tsp granulated garlic

Divide bison mixture into 1 oz patties.

stage in a CVap Cook and Hold Oven at 135°F + 0 (new CVap 135°F Vapor Temp/135°F Air Temp) for a minimum of 35 minutes or until you are ready to finish off on grill or flat top.


Small chop a can of pineapple, blend with bacon crumbles, add chopped scallions, and mix with a small amount of sweet Thai chili sauce.


On a sweet Hawaiian bun place a small amount of sauce, slider patty, mild cheddar cheese, egg, beets, and serve.

ENJOY your Aussie Bison Sliders!

Bison Sliders
Assembling Slider
Aussie Burger

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