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Reliable, Repeatable Results

If you want reliable, repeatable results, you want CVap® Technology. We could get all nerdy about the science behind it, but suffice it to say it works, dependably. Every. Single. Time. Whether you’re serving burgers, barbeque, broccoli, or brioche, CVap equipment helps you serve it fresher, faster, and repeatedly fantastic.

CVap Staging Is Sous Vide Re-Engineered

Want to serve a made-to-order gourmet burger to your customer in no time? With CVap staging, food is brought to the exact internal temperature desired and then held there – without overcooking or drying out – until it is time to finish and serve the dish. This means the final, flavor-enhancing, and texturing touches can be made just moments before the food is served.

It takes just minutes to finish cooking to the customer’s order – imagine how much faster you’ll be able to push plates out of the kitchen!

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