higher yields - prime rib, conventional vs cvap

Higher Yields

You choose – higher speed or higher yield. CVap® Cook and Hold Ovens give you the choice. You can crank it up to cook faster, or slow it down to finesse phenomenal yields from your proteins (and soften tougher cuts in the process).

CVap Ovens give you uniform doneness, end to end and top to bottom. No overdone edges or undercooked centers. You’ll get unrivaled yields, with the maximum possible servings from every primal cut.

Uniform Doneness, End to End, Top to Bottom

Take a look at the images on the right. The filet on the left was prepared in a conventional oven, then finished on a grill. Note the bullseye effect. The center is very rare, while the outer edges are almost overcooked.

Now look at the filet on the right. This one was cooked in a CVap oven, then finished on a grill. Notice that the interior is uniformly done, throughout. No bullseye, nothing overdone. It’s simply perfect. CVap ovens will deliver this perfect doneness reliably, time after time.

higher yields - filet comparison, conventional vs cvap

Why does yield matter? Because frankly, meat is money. Proteins are among the biggest food costs you can have. The more servings you can get from a cut of meat, the better your bottom line. CVap ovens can achieve up to ten percent better yields than conventional or convection ovens. As you can see in the equation on the right, a ten percent increase in servings equates to some serious savings in the long run. Can you afford not to invest in CVap?

CVap vs. Convection

  • CVap = 10% more yield (compared to convection)
  • 100 lbs Top Round – 10% = 10 lbs more product
  • Top Round $5.91 per lb*
  • 10 lbs saved product = $59.10 savings per 100 lbs
    of product (on average)

* (recent Restaurant Depot price)