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Collectramatic Fryers for Commercial Kitchens


A workhorse built for a legend.” Collectramatic Pressure Fryers got their start when Colonel Harland Sanders asked for a perfect pressure fryer and
Winston Shelton accepted the challenge. Collectramatic fryers were the result.

Collectramatic Fryers have been industry leaders for over five decades. Designed to be rugged and dependable, Collectramatic fryers are the workhorse in the kitchen.

  • 8-Channel processor controls.
  • Patented cold zone prevents cracklings from scorching and tainting the cooking oil.
  • Allows up to 360 pounds of product to be cooked between filterings.
  • Extends the life of cooking oil.
  • Cooks up to 18 pounds of product per load.
  • Available in 4-head and 6 head configurations.


Commercial Pressure Fryers

Winston is proud to offer our state-of-the-art Collectramatic® pressure fryers, specifically designed for the demanding needs of commercial kitchens. Our fryers utilize a time-tested design to cook faster and more evenly, resulting in deliciously crispy and succulent chicken. With several sizes and configurations available, our Collectramatic pressure fryers are perfect for any size kitchen and can handle high-volume production. Not only do our fryers produce exceptional chicken, but they are also built with durability and efficiency, ensuring long-lasting performance and cost savings for our customers. Trust Winston for all your commercial kitchen pressure frying needs.

What is a Commercial Pressure Fryer?

As the name implies, pressure frying is similar to open frying with one significant difference. When you place the food in the fryer, you close the lid on the cook pot sealing it to create a pressurized cooking environment. Pressure frying is significantly faster than any other method when cooking larger volumes. Additionally, pressure frying produces consistently high-quality fried food.

Commercial pressure fryers rely on pressure cooking techniques. Cooking oil cooks food within an enclosed cooking vessel. Once food products are loaded into the fryer, a lid is latched down, creating an air-tight seal. Consequently, as food cooks, it produces steam. Steam builds pressure within the fryer. It is this pressure that speeds up the cooking process.

Choosing a pressure fryer ensures that flavor and moisture will be sealed in while excess oil will be sealed out. Therefore, resulting in a healthier, tastier final product. It’s the ideal way to cook breaded, bone-in foods like chicken or other naturally juicy foods.

The Science Behind Pressure Frying?

Want to know why foods cooked in a pressure fryer are so much tastier than their open-fried counterparts? Curious about why pressure frying is so much more efficient?

The pressure built up in the enclosed fryer increases the boiling point of water. This means water exceeds 212°F before turning to steam. Because of that, most of the food’s liquids that would have been evaporated at a lower boiling point in an open fryer are retained as internal moisture, resulting in a much juicer end product.

Pressure build-up internally also helps increase the overall temperature of the steam inside the fryer, allowing the food to cook faster. Similarly, pressure cookers also maintain the same temperatures and pressures with every batch, ensuring consistency across all batches. In contrast, open frying lacks consistency, as the environment can easily affect temperatures.

Pressure Fryer Features 

Certain features enhance the effectiveness of pressure fryers. Look for features that help your team reduce their workload.

Winston’s Collectramatic LP56 High-Efficiency Pressure Fryer includes the following features:

  • The patented cold zone uses gravity filtration to prevent cracklings from scorching and ruining your oil. This allows up to 360 lbs. of chicken (or other food products) to be fried between filtrations.
  • 6-head capacity (or 18 lbs. of food product)
  • 75 lbs. shortening (or oil) capacity
  • 8 preprogrammed (and programmable) channels
  • Choice of clamshell or quarter-rack basket systems. Quarter-rack systems minimize tonging and handling of chicken. Shelves can be moved from basket to sheet pan without tonging each piece individually.
  • Built-in safety features include an automatic shutoff if the fryer gets too hot (over 410°F) and an alarm that automatically disengages the heaters if they are inadvertently allowed to be exposed to air.

Add a Winston Shortening Filter to get the most from your Winston fryer. The filter is built for mobility. Consequently, you can use a single filter unit to service multiple fryers.

Why Should You Get a Pressure Fryer for Your Commercial Kitchen?

If you want to add fried foods to your menu, or are looking to replace existing frying equipment, read on to learn why you should consider a commercial pressure fryer (specifically, a Collectramatic® Pressure Fryer).

Faster Cook Times

During rush periods, there is no time to lose. Food has to be out of the kitchen as quickly as possible. You do not want an open fryer slowing service. The good news is that commercial pressure fryers cook much faster, allowing you to speed up your production and serve more customers.

Better and More Consistent Flavor

Any operator will tell you that flavor and consistency are crucial to customer satisfaction. While that is not easily achieved,  pressure fryers can help you get it right every time. This is thanks to its heating and pressure systems, and computerized programming. Serving consistently juicy, crispy fried foods in every batch is made easy.


Calling fried foods healthy sounds like a stretch. However, it is essential to note that pressure frying is a healthier cooking method than other high-volume fryers. Pressure frying heats food’s internal moisture and uses that moisture to cook from within. This creates vapor pressure within the food product. This pressure, pushing outward from the food’s interior, helps prevent oil from soaking into the food, ultimately lowering the amount of fat absorbed into the product, as compared to open frying.


Indeed, oil reduction is not just a health benefit. On the other hand, it is also a significant cost-benefit. Using less oil and maintaining oil quality for more prolonged periods helps save on oil consumption overall. Similarly, faster cooking times also help to lower energy consumption. How’s that cost-effective? Convinced of the benefits that a pressure fryer can bring to your operation? The next step is to find a suitable fryer. When it comes to an important investment like this, there are several key areas you need to note. We, of course, recommend our Collectramatic Pressure Fryers.

The Collectramatic® Pressure Fryers Advantage

For over 50 years, Winston’s Collectramatic Fryers have been the leader in frying technology. Because our cookpot’s deep collector cold zone allows gravity filtration, it prevents cracklings from scorching and degrading your shortening. As a result, your oil life is extended. Another unique feature is Collectramatic’s round fry pot design — which evenly disperses pressure, improving safety while promoting even cooking.

Winston manufactures all our control panels in-house, in our Win2uit Electronics division, instead of relying on external vendors. For this reason, we can ensure the quality of our electronics.

Overall the basic design of Collectramatic Pressure Fryers has remained the same through the decades. Although functionality has evolved to keep pace with changes in the poultry industry. Learn about those changes by watching this video.

Pressure Fryer Options 

Collectramatic pressure fryers are available in both pressure frying and open frying configurations. Capacities include 6-head and 4-head models. All models feature an 8-channel programmable control and a patented cold zone to prevent cracklings from scorching and tainting your shortening.

Winston offers commercial fryers in both pressure and open configurations. Check out their entire fryer product line here.

  • LP56 Pressure Fryer allows up to 360 lbs. of chicken (or equivalent) to be cooked between filterations. The LP56 has a 6-head capacity (or 18 lbs of food product) and holds 75 lbs of shortening.
  • LP46  Pressure Fryer allows up to 360 lbs. of chicken (or equivalent product) to be cooked between filterations. The LP46 has a 4-head capacity (or 14 lbs of food product) and holds 64 lbs of shortening.
  • OF59C Open Fryer has a 6-head capacity and can cook 18 lb (8.2 kg) of product per load.
  • OF49C Open Fryer is a 4-head fryer and has a 14 lb. (6.4 kg) product capacity.

Five Things to Know When Purchasing a Commercial Fryer

Chicken is a customer favorite. According to the National Chicken Council, Americans consume nearly 100 pounds per capita annually. Customers consume more chicken than beef or pork every year. This is why operators should make serving the best chicken a priority. Offering this customer favorite comes with a few “need to knows” that every foodservice professional should consider before purchasing a fryer.

1. Pressure fryers produce better chicken (and cost less to operate).

  • Collectramatic Pressure Fryers consistently produce tastier chicken. The fryer design makes a difference in food quality. Expert operators have told us how they can taste the difference between chicken cooked in a Collectramatic fryer and other pressure fryers.
  • In pressure fryers, a pressurized bubble forms around the chicken, trapping in natural juices, nutrients, and flavor. There is minimal flavor transfer, and the chicken cooks faster than in open fryers. The frying process decreases wait times while producing consistently good chicken.
  • Collectramatic Pressure Fryers typically cost less to operate. The TCO on these fryers is low, offsetting up-front costs. Pressure fryers cook chicken at a lower temperature than open fryers, requiring less energy over the life of the fryer. Lower temperatures also extend shortening life.

2. Open fryers make good chicken too.

  • Commercial open fryers also produce delicious chicken if a pressure fryer is not an option. There are many different commercial open fryers. Collectramatic Open Fryers, like the OF59C, are made for high-volume operations. Chicken isn’t the only delicious fried food. Some food products, like jalapeno poppers or butterfly shrimp, are best when open-fried.

3. Programmable presets are important.

  • When purchasing a commercial fryer, operators should look for fryers with programmable presets. These presets ensure a consistently high-quality product and reduce the amount of training and labor. Look for units with enough storage channels to add future presets to accommodate menu changes.

4. Clean oil is an essential part of producing good chicken.

  • Oil (or shortening) is a factor to consider during buying and daily operations. Clean oil produces better chicken. Collectramatic fryers use simple gravity filtration to keep oil fresh, extending the time between mechanical filtrations.
  • Oil starts to break down when cooking temperatures exceed 360°F. For that reason, Collectramatic fryers have a maximum temperature of 360°F. Most cook cycles involve settings lower than this temperature. When oil breaks down, it should be filtered promptly to ensure a consistent product. Oil life can also be extended by maintaining a consistent level and avoiding overfilling cookpots.

5. It’s important to keep chicken fresh and at a correct hot temperature before serving.

  • For some operations, serving quality chicken only concerns frying because the product is immediately served. Other operations require a heated merchandiser or holding cabinet that keeps chicken at the correct, safe temperature. One of Winston’s other product lines is CVap® holding and cooking equipment. CVap Holding Cabinets are particularly well-suited for holding fried chicken. CVap’s unique dual-heat system keeps chicken hot and just-cooked fresh for extended periods. This helps you power through rush periods with minimal delays and no sacrifice in food quality.

Why Choose Winston Collectramatic Pressure Fryers?

For over 50 years, Collectramatic Fryers have been the foodservice industry leader. Although our fryers have been upgraded from time to time to keep up with industry demands, the basic design has remained the same. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Simple to operate, clean, and maintain, Collectramatic fryers will keep you frying and keep your customers happy and fed.

American-built Quality 

Winston manufactures all our fryers and controls in our Louisville, Kentucky headquarters/ We don’t rely on third-party vendors. Rigorous engineering and testing ensure that each fryer we sell is built to the highest quality standards. Our experienced, dedicated workforce build pride in every product we ship.

We Make Life Easy for Servicers

No matter what brand of commercial fryer you choose, at some point it will need to be serviced by a skilled technician. Collectramatic Pressure Fryers are well known in the industry as being easy to work on. So, when the time comes for maintenance, your technician will thank you.

Smaller Footprint

Bulky cooking appliances that take up too much space in your commercial kitchen cause problems – safety concerns, workflow disruptions, and frustration, to name a few. Collectramatic Pressure Fryers have a well-engineered, compact design with a smaller overall footprint than our competitors, to help alleviate these issues. They offer more production from a smaller footprint.

Round Cookpot Offers Consistent Cooking

Say goodbye to cold spots or undercooked chicken. Our commercial pressure fryers feature a round cookpot. Since there are no corners, heat is evenly distributed. This produces chicken that is crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, every time. Cylindrical cookpots have a big advantage over square fryers when it comes to durability. Because pressure is distributed evenly throughout the cookpot, there are no corners to stress and eventually fail.

Contact Winston Foodservice Today

For over 50 years, Winston has provided reliable equipment to help foodservice operators meet the growing demands of their customers. Our sales team and global network of sales representatives are happy to consult you and help you figure out the best equipment to meet your goals.

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