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F662T Shortening Filter
Collectramatic Black
F662T Shortening Filter

F662T Transport Shortening Filter

Winston’s F662T Transport Shortening Filter is designed to quickly filter shortening and pump it back into a Collectramatic® Fryer. It includes a heavy-duty pump and motor that speeds filtering time to three gallons per minute. The F662T is portable, allowing you to filter several fryers with a single filter unit. Quick disconnect provides safe operation. This powerful filter has a 90 lb. (41 kg.) tank capacity.

Check out the filter in action in this video.

Category: Shortening Filter
Size: 33.9″ x 32.1″ x 23.1″
Capacity: 90 Lbs/41 Kg
Ship Weight: 110 Lbs/50 Kg
NEMA 5-15P (1 Phase/120V)



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