Live in the CVap® Kitchen

Join us in the virtual kitchen for live events, demonstrations, and recipe walkthroughs in our CVap ovens or Collectramatic fryers.

Cooking Demonstrations
Learn techniques, settings and unique recipes
Equipment Maintenance
Customer Care team talks about equipment maintenance and troubleshooting
CVap and Collectramatic Advantages
See how Winston Foodservice equipment is a must have in any kitchen

Winston Virtual Events

January 19, 2022

CVap® 101

Chef Sam will discuss the basics of Controlled Vapor Technology, and show a few real-world examples of CVap in action. Whether you're new to CVap, or just want a simple refresher, you'll enjoy CVap 101.

March 16, 2022

CVap® Equipment Differences.

A walkthrough of the differences of each piece of equipment and why each is used - between CVap models HOV, CHV, RTV.
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