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Consistent Quality

You cook great food. CVap Holding Cabinets keep it great. CVap cabinets maintain food quality and freshness better than any other cabinet on the market. Sauces, veggies, rice, fried food, roasts, burgers, bread…you name it, CVap cabinets can keep it hot, fresh, and at peak quality for an extended amount of time. Whether you want to prepare ahead of the rush, or just keep food safely hot through peak periods, CVap keeps crisp foods crisp, and moist foods moist.

“The solution it provided for us was a consistent cooking platform (really, is how we use it) for our protiens that are high yield, and that we can use throughout the day. And ease of use; for our team members, it’s very easy to use. And the product is very consistent coming out of it.”

Scott Rodriguez, Senior VP of Culinary & Kitchen Innovation at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse