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sustainable restaurant equipment

CVap® is Your Sustainable Restaurant Equipment Solution

In recent years, the global focus on climate change and sustainability has prompted industries to explore ways to reduce their carbon footprint. The restaurant industry ...
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The Vital Importance of Supporting Child Nutrition in Schools

Child nutrition is an issue that goes beyond our country’s school lunchrooms. Whether you have children or you don’t, child nutrition affects you. It’s a ...
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healthy roasted red pepper sauce

Healthy Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and Meatballs in CVap

Pasta with sauce and meatballs is one of the quintessential dishes on American tables. The simple but delicious quasi-Italian dish often tempts even the pickiest ...
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The Benefits of Batch Cooking in CVap®

What is Batch Cooking? Batch cooking, also known as cooking to hold, involves preparing large quantities of food and then holding it hot at a ...
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confit turkey

Confit Turkey in CVap

In this blog, our CEO, Shaun Tanner, cooks a confit turkey, resulting in the most amazingly moist turkey we have ever had. I’ve been thankful ...
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Elevating School Nutrition: How CVap® Helps

Kids need good nutrition to function well. The importance of that fact cannot be overstated. CVap technology can play a crucial role in feeding kids. ...
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Korean Fried Chicken Recipe

Korean fried chicken refers to a variety of fried chicken dishes created in South Korea, including the basic huraideu-chicken and spicy yangnyeom chicken. This fried ...
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Stage and Fry Chicken

CVap® ovens are well known for their ability to stage. In case you’re not familiar, staging involves cooking foods to a temperature that’s at (or ...
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40 Clove Garlic Chicken Recipe

A lot of folks think if a recipe is French, it must be complicated. But that’s not the case here. The traditional recipe (which the ...
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new cafeteria equipment

10 Factors to Consider Before Buying New Cafeteria Equipment

When considering buying new cafeteria equipment for your school kitchen, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you make an informed decision. Here ...
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food trucks

Top Six Ways CVap® Holding Cabinets Can Benefit and Optimize your Food Truck Kitchen

en español Trends come and go. This is particularly true in foodservice (remember molecular gastronomy?). But occasionally, a trend comes along that has true staying ...
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Top 5 Warming Cabinet Dos and Don’ts in a Commercial Kitchen

Warming cabinets (a.k.a. holding cabinets, hot boxes, etc.) are the secret weapon in many commercial kitchens. They make it possible to keep prepared food at ...
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new vs used equipment

New vs Used Food Equipment: Should You Buy New or Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

It’s tempting to consider buying used commercial kitchen equipment instead of new. But is it a sound investment? It’s essential to look beyond the purchase ...
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Staged New Zealand Lamb Chops Recipe

Lamb is an under-appreciated protein. Globally, it ranks a distant fourth in meat popularity (behind pork, chicken, and beef). But it’s a lovely, mellow-flavored meat ...
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Top 11 Factors to Consider When Shopping for Warming Drawers

When considering commercial warming drawers, there are several key factors to look for. These can enhance functionality, performance, and efficiency in any foodservice operation. Here ...
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al pastor

Al Pastor in CVap

Al pastor (from Spanish, “shepherd style“) is a traditional preparation of spit-grilled slices of pork. The dish originates in the Central Mexican region of Puebla ...
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summer feeding program

CVap: The Best Equipment for Summer Feeding Programs

Summer is upon us, and for the majority of our nation’s children, that means a break from the grind of school life and a couple ...
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Chocolate Pots de Creme in CVap Oven

Ah, chocolate. It’s one of life’s great pleasures. The variety of ways it can be prepared is impressive. We wanted to show off our CVap ...
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prepping plant-based meats

The Best Methods for Prepping Plant-based Meats

Ah, prepping plant-based meats. Despite murmurs to the contrary, plant-based meats are expected to continue gaining popularity. Experts say that by 2027 the plant-based meat ...
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dulce de leche overnight

Dulce de Leche in CVap®

Dulce de leche, or caramelized milk, is a popular Latin American confection. When prepared old-school, sugar, and milk are slowly heated for several hours. The ...
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How to Prepare Perfect CVap® Pastelitos

Want to whip up a little snack with a Latin flavor? Check out this recipe for pastelitos! What are Pastelitos? As the name implies, pastelitos ...
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warming cabinet best practices

Commercial Food Warming Cabinet Best Practices to Use in Kitchen

Keep it Hot, But Don’t Try to Cook Warming cabinets are designed to maintain hot food at a specified temperature. But don’t let the name ...
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Chef Sam’s Award-Winning Rainbow Vegan Chili

Chef Samantha Brown loves a good challenge. She is passionate about food and serving people. When she came across a contest sponsored by Campbell’s Foodservice, ...
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cost-effective commercial oven

Ways a Cook and Hold Oven Can Be Cost-Effective for Restaurant Owners

CVap® Cook and Hold Ovens can save you a chunk of change. Inflation is putting the hurt on all of us. CVap commercial ovens can ...
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Ten Facts about Commercial Pressure Fryers

Commercial pressure fryers have been around for decades. Colonel Harland Sanders was the catalyst behind the development of commercial pressure fryers. Among his favorite cookers was the Collectramatic®, ...
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Industrial kitchen

Efficient Kitchen Design Ideas for Maximum Efficiency

Maximizing efficiency in your kitchen design takes planning, research, and hard work. Whether your operation is in the blueprint stage or undergoing a remodel, the ...
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chicken recipes

Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment Needed for Chicken Recipes

Chicken is a ubiquitous protein. The average American consumes over 100 pounds annually. In an increasingly health-conscious world, chicken is considered healthier than most red ...
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School Recipes – Tater Tots

Product: Ore-Ida Golden Tater Tots, or equivalent frozen product Process: Retherm (RTV)Cook Time: 50-60 MinutesVapor Temp: 160°F (71°C) Air Temp: 350°F (177°C) Holding Program (CVap ...
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Easy Soup Recipes to Warm Your Menu This Winter

It’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Most humans are hard-wired to crave comfort foods in freezing weather. Of all the comfort foods, soups seem to ...
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2023 Winston SNF Equipment Grant

The 2023 Winston Equipment Grant has been Announced! Congratulations to East Baton Rouge Parish School System in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! Winston’s CVap® technology has been ...
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How Can CVap® Expand Your Menu?

Are you looking to change or expand your operation’s menu? If you have CVap technology in your kitchen, you already have a head start on ...
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School Cookies Recipes in CVap Oven

Product: Pillsbury, Refrigerated, Ready-To-Bake Sugar Cookie Dough* Process: Retherm (RTV)/Cook and Hold (CHV) Cook Time: 10-20 Minutes** Vapor Temp: 200°F (93°C) Air Temp: 350°F (177°C) ...
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Buying the Best Pressure Fryer

10 Key Features to Look at Before Buying the Pressure Fryer

People love fried chicken. A recent poll found that a whopping 95 percent of Americans like eating fried chicken. The southern staple has grown in ...
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Holiday Recipes: CVap® Oven Recipes to Snazz Up Your Holiday Restaurant Menu

The holidays can be a make-or-break time for restaurants. Take advantage of your CVap oven to expand your menu. Your guests are ready to celebrate. ...
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essential kitchen equipment

15 Essential Kitchen Equipment for New Restaurants: A Checklist

Opening a new restaurant is no walk in the park. There are lots of hurdles to bear in mind. According to recent data, one in ...
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rethermalizer vs warmer

Understanding Commercial Equipment for Reheating Food and Keeping it Warm

Having the right tools for the job makes all the difference. In a commercial kitchen, food rethermalizers and food warmers are two important tools. You ...
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Best Practices for Oil Filtration

The Best Practices for Oil Filtration

Americans love our fried foods. According to some estimates, as much as a third of the U.S. population eats fried food every day. Fried foods ...
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School Recipes – Chicken Tenders

Product: Frozen Crispy Chicken Tenders or Strips Process: Retherm (RTV)Cook Time: 25-30 MinutesVapor Temp: 130°F (54°C)Air Temp: 350°F (177°C) Cook and Hold (CHV)Cook Time: 25-30 ...
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food safety tips

10 Food Safety Tips for Commercial Kitchens

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nearly twenty percent of foodborne illnesses are caused by poor food safety. In real-world numbers, that’s approximately ...
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School Recipes – Macaroni and Cheese

Product: Refrigerated, Ready-To-Heat Options: Bob Evans Tasteful Sides Macaroni & Cheese, 20 oz CPET Tray Frozen, Ready-To-Cook Options: Stouffer’s Macaroni & Cheese, Party Size 76 ...
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steamy kitchen

Is My Kitchen Equipment Required to Be Under a Hood?

Does your commercial kitchen equipment require a vent hood? It depends on several factors. These include the type of equipment, your menu, and your operation’s ...
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Rethermalizing Prepared Foods

Rethermalization of Prepated Foods in Bulk with CVap® Retherm Oven

Retherming bulk packages of prepared foods can be challenging unless you have the right equipment. To clarify, let’s discuss rethermalizing, define prepared foods, and outline ...
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Lobster Tails

Staging Lobster Tails for Catering

So you’re hosting a big catered event and want to impress your guests? There is nothing more impressive than lobster…if it’s done right.We set out ...
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How to Make Perfect Pastrami in CVap

Ever had really good pastrami? Many folks have only experienced the lunchmeat version. But that stuff doesn’t hold a candle to the real thing. We ...
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Breakfast enchiladas

Breakfast Enchiladas with Sausage & Bacon

Need to fix breakfast for a bunch of people? Breakfast enchiladas are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Prepared in a CVap® oven, they are hearty and filling, ...
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commercial fryer accessories

Essential Fryer Accessories Your Commercial Kitchen Needs

America loves fried food. It’s a love affair that’s persisted for decades. If your operation serves fried foods, you need a great fryer. And to ...
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School Recipes – Pizza

Product: Red Baron Frozen Pizzas – Classic Crust – Pepperoni Process: Retherm (RTV)Cook Time: 15-20 MinutesVapor Temp: 200°F (93°C) Air Temp: 325°F (163°C) Cook and ...
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Give Caterers an Advantage with CVap®

Caterers, like others in the hospitality industry, face their share of challenges. Amongthem are assuring food safety, maintaining food quality, and providing fastservice. Critically, falling ...
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holding cabinet

How to Pick a Hot Holding Cabinet for a Commercial Kitchen

No matter what type of commercial kitchen you’re operating, there’s a holding cabinet that can benefit you. Holding cabinets are a crucial part of any ...
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Science of Cooking with Water: Wet Bulb and Dry Bulb

Cooking with water is a fundamental aspect of culinary skills. After all, food is mostly water. Some foods, like fruits, veggies, or meats, can be ...
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retherming brisket

Retherming Brisket in CVap®

Brisket. Is there a better product to cook to celebrate May’s National BBQ Month? Brisket is incredibly popular, with a 23% increase in menus over ...
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barbecue platter

Barbecue in a CVap® Oven – Smoking & Holding

CVap® ovens are well-known for their versatility and precision. These qualities make them particularly well-suited for barbecue operations. Barbecue is the realm of low and ...
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School Recipes – Waffles

Product: Frozen waffles, any brand Process: Retherm (RTV)/Cook and Hold (CHV)Cook Time: 20-25 MinutesVapor Temp: 170°F (77°C) Air Temp: 350°F (177°C) Holding ProgramHolding Time: 1 ...
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School Recipes – Chicken Patties

Product: Frozen, Breaded Chicken Patties Process: Retherm (RTV) Cook Time: 25-30 Minutes Vapor Temp: 130°F (54°C) Air Temp: 350°F (177°C) Cook and Hold (CHV) Cook ...
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Enjoying a C-store burrito

Enhance Your C-Store Food Menu with CVap® Equipment

Shifting demographics is a catalyst for change in convenience stores (C-Stores). It’s no secret that C-Stores make little profit on gasoline sales. This is the ...
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Bathless Baking: Spotted Dick in a CVap®

It may be a surprise to some but bathless baking is possible in CVap®. We recently proved this cooking process on perhaps the most snicker-inducing ...
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cooking vegetarian

How to Cook Vegetarian Food in CVap®

Cooking vegetarian cuisine in restaurants and commercial kitchens is now a thing. There are many reasons behind this growing trend. For some folks, it’s a desire ...
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eggs scrambled feature

No Matter How You Crack It, CVap Cooks Eggs to Perfection

If you’re familiar with CVap® technology, you know that it’s very versatile. Its ability to dial in its dual heat system to achieve different cooking ...
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irish breakfast

A Full Irish Breakfast for St. Patrick’s Day

The full Irish breakfast harkens back to Ireland’s agrarian past. Farmworkers needed a good, hearty meal to have the energy to power through the rugged ...
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Guinness Brown Bread

Guinness Brown Bread Recipe in CVap®

In a recent Winston blog, we prepared a full Irish breakfast. One of the key ingredients of that breakfast was Guinness Brown Bread. We thought ...
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king cake

King Cake is a Mardi Gras Tradition

Like so many of our favorite culinary treats, King Cakes hail from New Orleans. The tradition came with French immigrants. King Cakes first appeared in ...
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dinner for two

2-Top Turn & Burn Dinner for Two

Ah, Date Night. It’s a staple of romantic relationships. Like so much in our lives, the pandemic derailed it. But it finally looks like things ...
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CVap humidified holding cabinet

Humidified Holding vs. Hot Boxes – What’s the Diff?

Obviously, there are lots of holding cabinets (warming cabinets). Naturally, you might think they’re pretty much the same. However, they are quite different. In fact, ...
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Thermodynamics and setpoints

CVap Oven Settings 101: Taking the Mystery Out of Setpoints

As anyone who uses CVap® equipment can tell you, it’s an amazing technology. Whether holding or cooking, CVap equipment offers users precision that’s simply unrivaled ...
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chicken stock with ladle

Chicken Stock – CVap Style

Here we are in the long, grey abyss that is winter in the Northern Hemisphere. When it’s frigid outside, it’s natural for us to crave ...
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spicy dip

Quick and Easy 1-2-3 Spicy Dip

Everyone knows that tasty snacks enhance the enjoyment of televised sports. Whether you’re watching the big game, college basketball, or Olympic curling, great munchies will ...
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CVap controls make multitasking easier

Serve Quickly with CVap® Holding Cabinets

Now that there are so many delivery options like Grubhub and DoorDash available, serving customers quickly is an even higher priority. People crave comfort and ...
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plant burgers

Cooking Plant-Based Meat Options

Plant-based proteins have trickled into retailers across the US and have been, dare we say, adopted into our everyday life.  As more people search for ...
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standardize your menu

4 Reasons to Standardize Your Menu

Standardizing menus for businesses with multiple locations will save time and hassle in the long run. Typically, a research kitchen will develop a standardized menu ...
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events grapefruit dehydrating in CVap

Dehydrating in CVap

No, That’s Not an Oxymoron If you’re familiar with CVap®, you probably think of it as a “wet” cooking device. After all, the power behind ...
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winston crew lines up for breakfast

Hot Breakfast for the Whole Crew

Sharing a meal together is something we all enjoy. It’s a tradition as old as civilization itself. Winston has a long-standing tradition of regularly sharing ...
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labor shortage makes for long lines

Trouble Hiring Workers? Hire a CVap Instead

After more than 15 crazy months, which felt more like 15 crazy years, consumers are back. They’re ready to throw their cash at you for ...
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School Recipes – Hamburger – Fully Cooked Patty

Product: Fully Cooked Burger Patty* 4 oz./0.1 kg Process: Retherm (RTV)/Cook and Hold (CHV) Cook Time: 15-20 Minutes Vapor Temp: 190°F (88°C) Air Temp: 320°F ...
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cloud kitchen

Essential Equipment for Cloud Kitchens

If 2020 showed us anything it is that cloud kitchens are here to stay. Consumer habits have shifted.  For example, app services like DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats ...
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events brined wings

Brining Chicken Wings

Brining is an age-old method of enhancing the flavor and quality of proteins. Traditionally, it’s a salt and water mixture, but other spices or flavorings ...
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Commercial Pressure Fryer

What is a Commercial Pressure Fryer?

Commercial pressure fryers are very different from household fryers or commercial open fryers. Fried food’s appeal is universal. You can easily find fried foods anywhere. ...
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fried turkey with pecan honey glaze

Deep Fried Turkey

I have wanted to deep fry a turkey since I took on the role of Corporate Research Chef here at Winston. You see, Winston was ...
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pays for itself

The Truth is in the ROI Numbers – CVap Pays for Itself

Capital expenditures are a factor in kitchen math and a necessary part of doing business in commercial kitchens, franchises, and restaurants. But how often does ...
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Fresh Ricotta: Whey to Go

Chef Sam constantly looks for new uses for CVap® ovens. Recently, she used them to prepare fresh ricotta cheese. Naturally, the results were da’ bomb. ...
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5 Reasons Maintenance is Important

5 Reasons Why Equipment Maintenance is Important

Commercial kitchen equipment is a big investment. Regular maintenance protects that investment. Winston’s CVap® and Collectramatic® products are no exception. Consequently, they must be maintained ...
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Oatmeal with blueberries

CVap® Oatmeal – Comforting and Creative

A hot and steamy bowl of oatmeal is the best way to start a long, cold day. Top it with your favorite fresh or dried ...
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pepperoni rolls

Pepperoni Rolls, Simple and Delicious

Pepperoni rolls, the simple yet impressive combination of bread and pepperoni (and sometimes cheese).  This uniquely West Virginian recipe was originally created by miners’ wives ...
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poached egg on muffin

Poached Eggs in Their Shells!

CVap® equipment cooks perfectly poached eggs in their shells and then holds them at the same consistency for hours. Certainly, this is just one of ...
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Caring for Stainless Steel

Let us take the mystery out of caring for stainless steel. Despite what you may have heard, stainless steel IS susceptible to rusting. In fact, corrosion ...
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Cooking and Holding Shellfish in CVap

Our customers are always asking about seafood. So we wanted to share some settings for turning out perfect, tender-firm shellfish from a CVap®. The delicate ...
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frozen yogurt

Frozen Yogurt from CVap?

Summer is coming to a close but it is still pretty warm outside. These are the days when a frozen yogurt treat really hits the ...
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events carnitas

Carnitas in CVap®

I love food, and I mean all types of food! My absolute favorite style of cuisine is Hispanic – more specifically, Mexican, with its wealth ...
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Beef Broccoli

Beef and Broccoli in a CVap Oven

Beef and broccoli is a staple in Chinese restaurants. But like so many other “Chinese” dishes, beef and broccoli’s history is rooted as much in ...
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Customer Care

An Inside Look at Winston: Customer Care

The Winston Customer Care team is essential to the success of our company.Our team is ready at a moment’s notice to help navigate the daily ...
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staged wings

Staged Wings in CVap Oven

Staged wings cook perfectly and juicy in less than eight minutes. Chicken wings in CVap® save time and labor, and taste great. Cooked and held ...
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staging in cvap

Stage Hamburgers in CVap

We receive many inquiries about how to use CVap® Cook and Hold Ovens to stage great hamburgers, and we have been testing several methods for ...
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Cooking Chili in a CVap Oven

Beer is good. Chili is good. Beer Chili is AWESOME! Chili is a perennial favorite. At the request of a customer, we tested the feasibility ...
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warming drawer

A Guide to Warming Drawers for Your Kitchen

What are Warming Drawers? A warming drawer keeps food at the desired temperature for a designated period of time. Foods that will not be served ...
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chicken and waffles

Chicken & Waffles – Damn It’s Good

On a recent Friday afternoon, we cooked up a favorite dish – Fried Chicken and Waffles. This sweet and savory dish is increasingly popular, but ...
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Dipping dumplings in soy sauce

Delicious Asian Dumplings, CVap Style

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month. We celebrated by preparing dumplings in our CVap® ovens. It’s always fun to scratch cook. But we ...
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Roasting and Blanching Vegetables

Roasting and Blanching Vegetables

Nutritionists have long preached it – we need more vegetables in our diets. Consequently, we wanted to test how CVap® ovens would perform when roasting ...
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Rolls as big as your head

Cinnamon Rolls and Petite White Bread in CVap Ovens

Rollin’ Along, with CVap® Ovens and Rich’s Baked Goods. CVap ovens are great for proteins, starches, and veggies. However, they’re also great for baking. Accordingly,we ...
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Pretzels Party in the CVap Kitchen

During a baking day in our CVap® Kitchen, we decided to add a little twist. We were working with Rich’s Petite French Bread dough. Just ...
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School Recipes – Cinnamon Rolls

Product: Frozen Cinnamon Roll Dough -Thaw, Rise & Bake product Process: Proofing Thawed Proof Time: 45 Minutes* Vapor Temp: 90°F (32°C)  Air Temp: 92°F (33°C)  ...
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Chef John McCarthy

Operator Corner: Chef John McCarthy

The Renaissance Man Chef John McCarthy is the living embodiment of a renaissance man. His professional career includes the roles of lawyer, chef, consultant, and ...
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CVap Technology 3D Animation

CVap Technology 3D Animation How does CVap® work? See a CVap® cook and hold oven in action. Check out this 3D animation of how CVap® uses ...
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Short Ribs - plated

Bourbon Barrel Beef Short Ribs

Beef short ribs are, by definition, any section of beef ribs. After all, whole beef ribs are quite long. Consequently, it’s customary to cut them ...
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roastbeef doneness

Set and Forget: Overnight Cooking with CVap® Ovens

The overnight cooking capability speaks for itself. Just load the oven, clock out, and go home. The settings are dialed in and ready for the ...
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Top Round - Probe cooking

Probe Cooking in CVap® Ovens

Probe cooking is a powerful tool. Critically, the option is only available in CVap® Series 7 Retherm Ovens and Cook and Hold Ovens. CVap ovens ...
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Roast Beef

Can You Do Roast Beef in a CVap® Oven?

Earlier, a restaurant owner approached us. He wanted to know if he could cook roast beef in a CVap® oven. Primarily, his goals were simple. ...
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Sous Vide Pork Chops

Sous Vide Pork Chops – Thick or Thin, a Flavor Win

Did you know that CVap® ovens can also do sous vide? In this session, we staged pork chops using the sous vide mode, and finished ...
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Food Thermoisturization Chart

CVap® Thermoisturization Chart Explained

Thermoisturization – A Big Word for a Big Technology Thermoistur-what? “Thermoisturization.” It’s a big word, but not hard to understand. It’s a portmanteau of a ...
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achieve high precision with a food probe

CVap® Probe Cooking

CVap ovens are very precise. Add an optional cooking probe, and achieve an even greater level of precision. Probes are available on Series 7 CHV ...
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StarBurger uses CVap Staging to serve fast

CVap® Burger Masters

Here at Winston, we’ve had the privilege of working with some true “Burger Masters.” These folks use CVap® ovens to produce burgers that their customers ...
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Chef Andy Husbands

Operator Corner: Chef Andy Husbands

Andy Husbands is an accomplished Boston chef. Born in Seattle, Washington, he moved to Massachusetts with his father in 1984. He’s probably best known for ...
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Chef Deb Paquette

Operator Corner: Chef Deb Paquette

Chef Deb Paquette is truly one of a kind. A 30-year fixture in Nashville, she’s a renowned female chef in a male-dominated field. She became ...
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Placing rice in CVap oven

Cooking Rice in CVap Ovens

Traditionally, rice is boiled or steamed. But cooking rice CVap ovens is very easy. CVap’s dual heat technology helps to avoid overcooking. Winston has several ...
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Foie Gras Torchon

A Tasty French Treat: Foie Gras Torchon

Foie Gras Torchon [French for “fat liver tea towel”] is a specialty food made from the liver of a duck or goose. It’s a popular ...
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Chef Richard Rosendale

Operator Corner: Chef Rich Rosendale

Chef Rich Rosendale is an acclaimed chef, consultant, trainer, and culinary competitor. In early 2020 author Steve Coomes spoke in-depth with Chef Rosendale. Taking on ...
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CVap controls make multitasking easier

Multitasking with CVap

We often brag about the versatility of CVap® equipment. But any kitchen professional will tell you that a piece of equipment that only does one ...
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tater tots are a typical school food, and perfect for CVap ovens

CVap® and School Food, A Great Combo

CVap and School Food, A Great Combo School food and CVap Technology make a great team.  See how CVap equipment can help save you money, ...
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Chef Sam shows what RTV Retherm Ovens can do.

Cooking in the Kitchen with a CVap® RTV Retherm Oven

School Menu Items in a Retherm Oven Watch as Chef Sam cook a variety of menu items in a retherm oven. CVap RTV Retherm Ovens are ...
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New CVap Flip-Door Holding Cabinets

CVap® Flip-Door Holding Cabinets are the latest addition to Winston’s CVap holding cabinet line. We made several improvements to perfect it. For instance, see-through doors ...
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Beaumont ISD kitchen crew provides great nutrition

Every Student Deserves Good Nutrition

Proper nutrition is critically important. After all, nutrition affects both physical and mental development. However, food insecurity endangers many students. As a result, the sole ...
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CVap Hold and Serve Drawers are extremely versatile

A CVap Holding Drawer Is Extremely Versatile

A holding drawer is a valuable piece of equipment to have in any establishment that serves food. A CVap Holding Drawer and server control food ...
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Collectramatic® Fryer Testimonial: Chef Bret Smith

Collectramatic Fryer Testimonial: Chef Bret Smith Bret Smith, Chef and partner with Goodbird Kitchen and Post Brewing Company says Winston’s Collectramatic Fryers are a perfect fit ...
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Manhattan Filet steak

The Manhattan Filet Project

This is the Manhattan Filet Project, where we’ll show how to take an old-school butcher’s secret and create one “bomb” of a steak! Today’s ...
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CEO Transition

Winston Industries Announces the Transition of CEO Responsibilities

Shaun Tanner Promoted to President and CEO Louisville, KY – Winston Industries selected Shaun Tanner to serve as President and CEO, effective July 1, 2020. ...
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Chef Neil Fraser

Operator Corner: Chef Neal Fraser

You may have seen Chef Neal Fraser on “Top Chef Masters,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” or “Iron Chef America.” But Vibiana, a large Los Angeles event space that ...
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Chad Coulter

Operator Corner: Chad Coulter

In 2014, Chad and Lauren Coulter opened LouVino, a wine-centric, small plates concept in Louisville, Kentucky. By 2019, the couple had five LouVinos in four cities and ...
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Biscuit Love Karl and Sarah Worley

Operator Corner: Biscuit Love

In 2012, Karl and Sarah Worley launched Nashville-based Biscuit Love with a food truck. Author Steve Coomes sat down with Karl to discuss the journey ...
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Chef Reed Johnson

Operator Corner: Chef Reed Johnson

Chef Reed Johnson has over two decades of culinary experience under his belt. He’s served as executive chef at several notable Louisville area establishments, including ...
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Winston Foodservice Pays Forward

Winston Pays It Forward with The Winston Equipment Grant We believe in paying it forward. That’s why we partnered with the School Nutrition Foundation to underwrite Winston Equipment Grant. For over a decade, ...
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Chef David Danielson

Operator Corner: Chef David Danielson

Few chefs anywhere have the experience David Danielson does cooking for huge, high-profile events. Listing them as casually as if reciting a prep list, he ...
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Chef Patrick Roney

Operator Corner: Chef Patrick Roney

Chef Patrick Roney has literally worked around the globe. His career has taken him throughout the American west, and onto the high seas. Ultimately, it ...
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Scott Rodriguez, Senior VP of Culinary & Kitchen

CVap Helps BJ’s Maximize Efficiency and Consistency BJ’s former VP of Culinary and Kitchen Innovation Scott Rodriguez had much to say about Winston’s CVap Cook and Hold Ovens. They helped BJ’s ...
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Tony Palombino

Operator Spotlight: Tony Palombino

Restauranteur Tony Palombino has a talent for developing restaurant concepts. In the past quarter century, he’s developed nearly a dozen diverse brands. Author Steve Coomes ...
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Mark Wahlberg

Chef Paul Wahlberg on How CVap® Benefits Wahlburgers Chef Paul Wahlberg on How CVap Benefits Wahlburgers Chef Paul Wahlberg (one of the stars of the A&E hit show “Wahlburgers”) paid a visit ...
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turkey burger

Turkey Burgers Staged in CVap®

No matter the time of the year, a burger always sounds good. While some folks head straight for the ground beef, some people might need ...
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Mike Hines

Mike Hines Shares His Thoughts on CVap Equipment

Mike Hines Shares His Thoughts on CVap Equipment Mike Hines of Lexington, KY stopped by our booth at ANC19 in St. Louis to share his ...
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Tammy Posey likes her CVap cook and hold

Tammy Posey is a CVap® Fan!

Tammy Posey is a CVap Cook and Hold Oven Fan! Tammy Posey, Cafeteria Manager for Lewis County Schools in Weston, West Virginia, is a fan ...
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Manhattan Filet steak

Our Reputation is at Steak!

Perfectly seared steak in less than two minutes flat! Yep, I said it. Seared to perfection and with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, all from staging. How ...
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Veggies CVAP

Easy CVap® Oven Roasted Vegetables Guide

Roasting Veggies in CVap® Boosts Flavor There’s no denying it – most of Winston’s blogs focus on proteins. It’s true that CVap® technology brings out ...
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smoked bbq ribs

CVap Sous Vide Barbecue, Sort Of!

As the weather heats up, many folks begin daydreaming about barbecue. But not just any barbecue,…sous vide barbecue. May is National BBQ Month – an ...
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CVap cabinets are great for school nutrition

Combi Ovens: Blessing or Boondoggle?

Ah, the much celebrated, occasionally maligned combi-oven. Many a chef has salivated over the thought of adding a combi to their kitchen. But are they ...
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sous vide cvap

CVap Staging is Sous Vide Re-Engineered

The Precision of Sous Vide Without the Bags! Find out how staging can give you the same results as sous vide, without the hassle! Sous ...
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2019 recipient of the Winston Foodservice Annual Equipment Grant

Winston Foodservice Annual Equipment Grant

Winston Partners with SNF for Annual Grant Winston Foodservice is proud to partner with the School Nutrition Foundation to donate ten pieces of CVap equipment ...
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No Vent Hood! CVap Doesn’t Need a Vent Hood.

In the dynamic world of foodservice, innovation never stops. One such innovation is commercial ovens that do not require a hood. Traditionally, vent hoods have ...
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What the Turducken!

Holidays are a time for tradition. We decided it was start a new one. We cooked the infamous turducken. In case you aren’t familiar, that’s ...
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Stainless Steel

Does Stainless Steel Rust?

Despite what you’ve heard, stainless steel IS susceptible to rusting. Certainly, metal corrosion is common. In fact, it is easily recognizable on iron and steel as ...
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Evolution of Chicken

Chicken Evolution

Chicken has Evolved To say chickens have changed is an understatement. Compared to the poultry of 1950, today’s chicken is a mutant. Selective breeding and ...
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turkey and dressing are sure to please

That’s a Lot of Turkey to Gobble Up!

Preparing a meal fit for a holiday AND a crowd is a challenge. Thankfully, we’ve got the perfect recipe! This turkey and dressing dish feeds ...
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National Taco Day

National Taco Day? Bite Your Tongue!

October 4 is National Taco Day. If you’re like us, you don’t need an excuse to eat Beef Tongue Tacos. You’ll surely agree they’ve become ...
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Hyatt Chef Melissa Rose

Hyatt Chef Melissa Rose: Staging for Speed

Hyatt Chef Melissa Rose: Staging for Speed Listen to Chef Melissa Rose of Chicago’s Hyatt McCormick Place describe how they use CVap to stage and ...
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CVap® 101

CVap 101 CVap 101 is just the basics. CVap® uses Controlled Vapor Technology to deliver high-quality cooking and holding in your kitchen. CVap® stands out ...
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Foodservice-Get-Your-Poultry Sales Poppin-with-CVap

Get Sales Popping with CVap® Chicken Wings!

What goes better with social gatherings than chicken wings? There are so many ways to flavor and cook this delicious treat. Although they may be ...
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The Versatility of Modern Kitchen Equipment

The list of kitchen equipment offerings and technologies continues to grow. We are seeing more and more specialized equipment designed for a specific job. Whether ...
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CVap® as a Critical Component of HACCP

Controlled Vapor technology can be a critical component of your HACCP plan. Many of you have discovered the benefits of precision low-temperature cooking provided by CVap® equipment. ...
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baking cheesecake

Exploration of Eggs: CVap® Cheesecake Recipe

Baking a picture-perfect and delicious cheesecake in a commercial kitchen can be a lot more difficult than people realize. You could have the perfect crust, ...
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creme brulee is easy in a cvap oven

Exploration of Eggs: CVap® Crème Brûlée

Creamy, velvety, decadent, smooth…there are so many delicious words to describe custards! Of course, anyone who works with eggs or custards knows they are delicate ...
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Chef Eric Wupperman

Chef Eric Wupperman Testimonial

Chef Eric Wupperman Testimonial Chef Eric Wupperman, chef and owner of Treeline Kitchen in Leadville, Colorado and partner in Yellowbelly Chicken  shares his thoughts on ...
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Chef Bobby Marcotte digs his CVap cook and hold oven

Chef Bobby Marcotte Testimonial

Chef Bobby Marcotte of The Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery and hop + grind Chef Bobby Marcotte, executive chef of The Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery and ...
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Jeff Sohn

Jeff Sohn Winston Representative for South Korea & Japan

Jeff Sohn – Winston Representative Jeff Sohn is the  Winston Foodservice Sales Representative in South Korea and Japan. He has been doing an outstanding job ...
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Parker Park - Winston South Korea Rep

Parker Park | South Korea Rep (in Korean)

Parker Park, South Korea Rep Testimonial Parker Park is a Winston rep in South Korea. In this testimonial he discusses his partnership with Winston Foodservice. ...
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Cesar Romero, Mexico City distributor

Cesar Romero, Winston Distributor – End User

Cesar Romero, Winston Distributor – End User Cesar Romero is a Winston distributor and CVap® end user. Here he shares how he was so impressed ...
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Brian Coe - Caterline Catering - Ireland

Brian Coe Partnership

Brian Coe of Caterline Catering Equipment Watch this testimony by Mr. Coe. of Caterline Catering. Caterline Catering Equipment values its long-standing partnership with Winston Foodservice. ...
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Benjamin Prouvost, Iridis France

Benjamin Prouvost of Iridis France

Benjamin Prouvost – Iridis France Watch Benjamin Prouvost of Iridis France and Donald Schaper of Winston Foodservice talk about the strength of the partnership between ...
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Giovanni Sportelli shares his testimonial

Giovanni Sportelli, Distributore (Italian)

Giovanni Sportelli , Distributore Giovanni Sportelli is a Winston distributor in Italy. In his testimonial, Giovanni shares his thoughts on the partnership with Winston Foodservice.  ...
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Sam Riccio

Sam Riccio | The Riccio Group

Sam Riccio – The Riccio Group Sam Riccio is Winston Foodservice’s representative in Eastern Canada. In this testimonial, he discusses the partnership, the responsiveness of ...
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certified angus beef

Certified Angus Beef in CVap

Certified Angus Beef – Culinary Center If you ever have a chance, visit the Certified Angus Beef Culinary Center in Wooster, Ohio. There you will ...
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Tally Oteiwi with Guzman Y Gomez likes CVap, and support from Winston

Tally Oteiwi | Guzman Y Gomez

Tally Oteiwi – Guzman Y Gomez Tally Oteiwi with Guzman Y Gomez likes CVap equipment The chain uses CVap in all their locations in Australia, ...
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Paul Hessell - SAFCO Australia

Paul Hessell | SAFCO Australia | Testimonial

Paul Hessell | SAFCO Australia Paul Hessell was a representative of SAFCO Australia, Winston’s distributor in Australia and New Zealand. He shared his thoughts about ...
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Steve Coleman of Qcel UK and Donald Schaper of Winston both value their partnership

Steve Coleman-Qcel UK

Steve Coleman – Qcel UK Listen to Steve Coleman of Qcel UK and Donald Schaper of Winston Foodservice talk about the partnership between the two ...
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staging in a cook and hold oven is great

CVap Staged Burgers Are Speedy, Juicy, and Delicious!

We like to show off. One way we do this is at big trade shows, like the National Restaurant Association’s yearly expo. We staged burgers ...
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Barry Yates, the lamb ham man

Georgia Power CRC Shares Chef Barry’s Thoughts on CVap and Lamb Hams

CVap and Lamb Hams This video, shared with us by the folks at Georgia Power CRC, features Winston’s late Chef Barry Yates discussing the abilities ...
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Caracas BBQ Smokehouse in Venezuela

Caracas BBQ Smokehouse

Caracas BBQ Smokehouse Caracas BBQ Smokehouse is a well-established pizza chain in Venezuela. Co-founder and co-director Alejandro Diaz Siso understands good equipment and good partners ...
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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo High on the Hog!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we’re celebrating with a couple of festive CVap® recipes – our own twists on pork butt enchiladas and tamales! ...
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sous vide shrimp

CVap Sous Vide Shrimp with Butter Herb Sauce

If you are looking for tender, perfectly cooked shrimp bathed in a light, buttery sauce with a bright, citrus-shallot flavor (with just a hint of ...
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Pressure Frying

Pressure Frying 101

Pressure Frying 101 from Winston Foodservice How do fast food restaurants fry chicken so quickly? They do it under pressure! And no pressure fryer is ...
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fish fried in an open fryer is fantastic

Fantastic Fish is Freakishly Easy in an Open Fryer!

Don’t be chicken about using your Collectramatic® Fryer to cook fish! You probably know the Collectramatic Fryer is unparalleled at frying chicken. Similarly, they’re great ...
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Kentucky Lamb Hams

Kentucky Lamb Hams – Not B-a-a-a-a-d!

Ham. The very word brings to mind the many variations of the savory pork product. In the vast majority of cases, when folks say “ham,” ...
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shepherd's pie

The Ultimate Comfort Food is Easy as Shepherd’s Pie!

Ah, shepherd’s pie…the ultimate comfort food. Mashed potatoes, ground (or diced) meat, veggies…it’s all there. Naturally, our CVap® ovens are great for preparing even the ...
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CVap Southwestern Frittata Wrap

Naturally, we love experimenting with trends, blending techniques and flavors to come up with new creations. In fact, this recipe combines two enormously popular ingredients ...
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staged filet mignon

CVap Staged Filet Mignon

CVap Staged Filet Mignon This video demonstrates how you can reduce ticket times with staging by comparing the cook times of a filet mignon staged ...
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school nutrition pro

School Nutrition Pros Talk About CVap®?

What do School Nutrition Pros Really Think about CVap® Equipment? What to the folks who use our equipment really think? Watch these ten school nutrition ...
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preparing peppers for pickling

Pickled Peppers Recipe in CVap Ovens

A unique way to make pickled peppers is by using a CVap Cook and Hold Oven. The preservation of food is an important part of ...
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CVap Pineapple Chinese Five-Spice Pork Riblets

Happy New Year! 新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè) The Year of the Dog is nearly upon us. Though commonly thought of as Chinese New Year ...
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Gumbo Ya Ya

CVap Gumbo Ya Ya!

This recipe is a classic gumbo ya ya with chicken and sausage. Although it isn’t a traditional gumbo ya ya ingredient, I like to add ...
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Char siu bao

Char Siu Bao, The Flavors of China

Char siu bao is a Cantonese barbecue pork-filled bun. They are typically sold in Chinese bakeries.  Likewise, they are similar to a type of dim ...
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Brown Butter

Brown Butter Butter – A Delicious Science Experiment!

The title of this post is not a typo. Beurre noisette is the French term for brown butter. Indeed, it’s typically a sauce in which ...
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Vietnamese Pho Soup

Can CVap® make a good Vietnamese Pho Soup?

When the weather turns cool, my thoughts turn to soups, stews, and broths. Clearly, a piping hot bowl of Vietnamese Pho Soup is the best ...
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Cvap Steaming rice

Fried Chicken and Steamed Rice Held in CVap Stay So Nice!

Uncle Jack Fried Chicken is a Malaysian restaurant chain. They use our Collectramatic pressure fryers. Ordinarily, they serve chicken from a display warmer. To maximize ...
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Perfect Turkey

The Story of a Perfect Turkey Starts with CVap

There are so many sensory delights to appreciate in a perfect turkey. The skin has a consistent golden brown hue and a crisp texture. The ...
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Eggs Benedict

Bring Bodacious Benedict to Your Breakfast

Life is busy. That fact is as true for us here at Winston as it is for anyone. Taking the time to have a good ...
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Can You Make Bagels in a CVap Oven?

Reading a post on social media about New York-style bagels got me thinking…can I do that in CVap oven? We were already proofing in our ...
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Mishiele Coomes shares her CVap testimonial

Mishiele Coomes – Daviess County Public Schools – CVap® Testimonial

Mishiele Coomes – Daviess County Public Schools Mishiele Coomes of Apollo High School shares her CVap testimonial. She likes the versatility the CVap Cook and ...
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Roxanne Knops

Roxanna Knops – CVap® Testimonial

Roxanne Knops – CVap® Testimonial Roxanne Knops a school kitchen manager of White Bear Lake Area Schools speaks of her gratitude for winning a registration ...
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Tammy Posey likes her CVap cook and hold

Tammy Posey – Lewis County School District – CVap® Testimonial

Tammy Posey – Lewis County SD – CVap Testimonial Tammy Posey of Lewis County School District in Weston, West Virginia describes the wide variety of ...
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Michelle Coker

Michelle Coker – Fayette County Schools – CVap® Testimonial

Michelle Coker CVap Testimonial Michelle Coker with Fayette County Public Schools in Kentucky discusses how her system uses CVap Cook and Holds Ovens, Retherm Ovens, ...
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Marci Lexa is a CVap Holding Cabinets fan.

Marci Lexa – Henry County Schools

Marci Lexa talks about CVap® Equipment We asked Marci Lexa, School Nutrition Program Director for Henry County Schools in Virginia why she appreciates what CVap ...
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sous vide egg bites

Hassle-Free Sous Vide Style Egg Bite

The sous vide egg bites at Starbucks have become a very popular menu item since their introduction earlier this year. Many copycat recipes are on ...
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CVap Tamales

Celebrating Hispanic History Month – CVap Tamales!

September 15 marks the beginning of National Hispanic History Month. This 30-day observation celebrates the histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came ...
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confit tuna steak

Confit of Tuna Steak in CVap®

Confiting tuna steak gives it a lovely melting texture. But what is confit? In fact, confit involves covering a protein in oil and cooking it. ...
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beautiful bacon breadsticks

Bakin’ Bacon Breadsticks!

September 2 is one of the most important days of the year – International Bacon Day! What’s not to love about bacon? It is true ...
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Bison Sliders

Aussie Bison Slider in Cvap®

Aussie Bison Sliders are a much-loved specialty in Australia. They are bursting with flavor, and can credibly be called a party in your mouth! Why ...
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tencent canteen

Expecting Thousands at the Lunch Canteen? No Problem!

Many Chinese corporations provide lunch for their staff. Often the companies build the canteens themselves. Later, they contract with an outside foodservice company (e.g., Compass) ...
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Roasted Chicken

CVap Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables a la Thomas Keller

What’s more comforting or satisfying than a beautifully roasted chicken with fresh root vegetables? Likewise, how wonderful does the kitchen smell while everything is cooking? ...
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Quiche Winston-Foodservice

CVap Quiche with Fresh Kale

This quiche with fresh kale, which was shared with us by the late Chef Jim Whaley, is fluffy and full of flavor. Fresh kale is ...
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banh mi sliders

Banh Mi Sliders in CVap

Banh Mi Sliders are easy when you stage and hold them in CVap equipment. Staging can increase the speed of service without sacrificing quality! Most ...
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asian-style wings

Asian-Style Wings

Staging Asian-style wings was the perfect way to prepare a quick demo for local American Culinary Federation members. When you stage wings before frying, it ...
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Poached eggs

Exploration of Eggs (Part 1)

In an Exploration of Egg, Part 1, we will explain the basics of cooking eggs. Eggs are one of the most ubiquitous ingredients in the ...
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CVap cabinets are great for school nutrition

Award of Equipment to White Bear Lake Area Schools

Winston Announces 2017 Award of Equipment to White Bear Lake Area Schools The 2017 Winston Equipment Grant Award was given to White Bear Lake Area ...
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Water Treatment Options You Should Consider

Cool facts about water: Most of Earth’s surface (nearly three-quarters) is covered with water, but only a small percentage (2.5%) is fresh. The other 97.5% ...
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Pork Chops

Plating Perfect Pork Chops with CVap

One of the best things about CVap is having the ability to use it to handle precision cooking of center of the plate (COP) items ...
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brisket is particularly good for overnight cooking

Beautiful Beef Brisket: Smoky, Juicy, and Tasty!

Every pitmaster worth his or her salt knows that producing a proper beef brisket is something to be proud of. Between the fatty and the ...
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Asian Burgers

Burger Season is Upon Us. Prepare to Gobble!

Burger season is upon us. Here’s a delicious twist on burgers – made better with CVap® (of course). June is National Turkey Lovers’ Month. So ...
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Celebrate National Barbecue Month with Crowd-pleasing BBQ

May is National Barbecue Month! Nothing signifies the arrival of Summer like the rich flavor of barbecue. Recently we did BBQ a big crowd, and we ...
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Savory Treat

Goat Cheese Tartlet – A Savory Treat for Mother’s Day

We wanted to share our Goat Cheese Tartlet recipe that takes full advantage of locally-available ingredients because Winston Foodservice celebrates the Farm to Table movement. The ...
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Derby Day with Carnitas

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day with Carnitas!

I love food! And I mean all types of food. My absolute favorite style of cuisine is Hispanic – more specifically, Mexican, with its wealth ...
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Perfect Porchetta

CVap Oven: Prepare in the PM for Perfect Porchetta

Prepare the perfect porchetta in CVap with the Overnight Cooking setting. Inserra Shop Rite Supermarkets, one of our valued customers, uses CVap Cook and Hold ...
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vendor of the year award

Vendor of the Year Awards from KFC Franchisees

Winston Foodservice received two amazing awards at the AKFCF Annual Convention in Austin, Texas. The Great Lakes KFC Franchisee Association and the Upper Midwest KFC Franchisee Association ...
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Corned Beef in CVap

We tested two different methods for preparing corned beef brisket. One resulted in perfect shredding. On the other hand, the other was ideal for slicing. ...
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Nashville hot chicken

Bringing the Heat with Nashville Hot Chicken

Winter may be waning, but the popularity of Nashville Hot Chicken sure isn’t. We decided to try our hand at preparing a big batch. It ...
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chicken setpoints

Perfect Fried Chicken Every Time

Everyone’s fried chicken is the best! Or everyone’s grandmother made the best fried chicken. I get it! Everyone has their own techniques, tricks, and superstitions ...
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cauliflower is great for vegan recipes

Vegan Doesn’t Just Mean Tofu & Salad!

I had just finished planning a three-course vegan dinner for some visiting customers. My goal was to demonstrate CVap® versatility with contemporary applications and menu ...
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Who Doesn’t Love Cupcakes?

Certainly, cupcakes are getting more popular. Walking down the street and peering into the local cupcake shop, I often wonder, is that a sweet treat ...
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Gingerbread cake feature

Celebrate the Season with Gingerbread!

When you think of gingerbread, do you picture crisp cookies and holiday decorations? Or do you picture a moist, cakey treat that is best served ...
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CVap cabinets are great for school nutrition

Giving Back – Equipment Grant Recipients

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with child nutrition throughout my career. Certainly, it’s an industry filled with warm and caring people. Naturally, I am ...
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smoker box

Winston Smoker Box

Convert your CVap® oven into the smoker of your dreams with a Winston Smoker Box! It allows up to six hours of continuous smoking to ...
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Sous Vide Turkey – Get Ready to Gobble It Up!

Over the years I have explored cooking many different foods sous vide style in CVap®, but never sous vide turkey. To be accurate, only things ...
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sna cabinet

Rockin’ Alamo City at the SNA ANC

SNA’s Annual National Conference and Exhibit San Antonio, Texas, is the seventh most populated city in the United States and the dry 100 degree days ...
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Stainless Steel Care and Cleaning

Stainless steel is great stuff. Take good care of it, and it will last just about forever. That’s why cleaning it has to be a ...
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takeout pizza

Takeout Trend, Here to Stay

The trend of ordering takeout isn’t going away. Clearly, Americans want convenience – number one on the list, even above price (Washington Post). Virus lockdowns, ...
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umami seared scallops

Umami Seared Scallops Staged in CVap®

If you are in the mood for something deliciously light and melt-in-your-mouth delicate, these uniquely prepared umami seared scallops are exactly what you need. What ...
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rack of lamb from florida country club

Rack of Lamb in CVap® from The Country Club of Florida

We had the pleasure of spending time in the kitchen at The Country Club of Florida, where they use two CVap® Cook and Hold Ovens ...
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Professionals from fayette county

Fayette County Schools CVap® Testimonial

Fayette County Schools Testimonial Penny Hisel-Church and Bridgett Thomas from Fayette County Schools in Lexington, Kentucky share why they love the versatility of their CVap ...
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Jaime France appreciates student nutrition

Jaime France – Fayette County Schools

Jaime France – Fayette County Schools | School Nutrition Testimonial Jaime France from Fayette County Schools in Lexington, Kentucky, shares how Winston Foodservice goes above ...
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Jennifer Spellman - Great Falls Public Schools

Jennifer Spellman – Great Falls Public Schools CVap® Testimonial

Jennifer Spellman – Great Falls Public Schools – CVap Testimonial Jennifer Spellman of Great Falls Public Schools in Great Falls, Montana, shares her testimonial of ...
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Jennie Cheesman, Brevard County Schools

Jennie Cheesman – Brevard County Schools | CVap® Testimonial

Jennie Cheesman – Brevard County Schools – CVap Testimonial Jennie Cheesman from Brevard County Schools in Viera, Florida is super enthusiastic about our CVap Holding ...
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Jeri Wiseman loves her CVap Holding Cabinets

CVap® Holding Cabinets Testimonial

Jeri Wiseman – Cobb County Schools – CVap® Holding Cabinets Testimonial Jeri Wiseman from Cobb County Schools in Mableton, Georgia discusses the difference that CVap ...
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Betti Wiggins of Detroit Public Schools loves CVap's versatility

Betti Wiggins – Detroit Public Schools CVap® Testimonial

Betti Wiggins – Detroit Public Schools -CVap Versatility Testimonial Betti Wiggins from Detroit Public Schools in Detroit, Michigan discusses the benefits and versatility of CVap ...
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Keshia Williams, Haralson County Schools

Keshia Williams – CVap® Testimonial

Keshia Williams – Haralson County Schools CVap Testimonial Keshia Williams from Haralson County Schools in Tallapoosa, Ga., talks about the dependability of our CVap Holding ...
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Michelle Fudo loves CVap Holding Cabinets

County Schools CVap® Holding Cabinets Testimonial

Michelle Fudo – Putnam County Schools CVap® Holding Cabinets Testimonial Michelle Fudo from Putnam County Schools in Palatka Florida loves CVap Holding Cabinets! As she ...
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The Passion for Cooking Perfect Rice!

I get the opportunity to travel to several western states and work with our customers. I particularly enjoy seeing how they use CVap®. The item ...
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chicken setpoints

Delicious South American Fried Chicken

A famous South American fried chicken chain wanted to look closer at our Collectramatic® Pressure Fryers. The owner had heard about Collectramatic but had never ...
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Fried chicken

Winston Collectramatic Pressure Fryer: Benefits for Fried Chicken

Pressure frying takes the art of frying chicken to new heights. Combining high heat, pressure, and a seasoned coating results in chicken that is incredibly ...
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Foodservice Ribs

CVap Baby Back Ribs

Summer is, by far, my favorite time of year. The sun is out. Birds are chirping. Flowers are blooming. Millions of people emerge from hibernation ...
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chicken setpoints

The Best Fried Chicken

Since joining the Winston Foodservice team, I have always heard, “Collectramatic fries are the best-fried chicken.” When I started in 2002, I just thought this ...
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perfect turkey

The Perfect Turkey in CVap

It is easy to cook the perfect turkey in a CVap® oven. There are so many sensory delights to appreciate in a properly roasted turkey. ...
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smokerless ribs

Smokerless Ribs in a CVap!

Clearly, barbecue is very hot right now! We follow two websites for great information about BBQ and food techniques. Undoubtedly, the best resource for BBQ ...
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school nutrition

School Nutrition: It Takes Support

Working with State and National School Nutrition Associations All state school nutrition associations run with varying degrees of staff, depending on the support they receive. Clearly, ...
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Somali immigrant girls

The Rise of Diversity in School Nutrition

I had the pleasure of being Winston Foodservice’s school nutrition guru, so I got to travel the U.S. and see and talk to many school ...
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proofing focaccia

It’s All in the Proof! CVap Focaccia

Focaccia bread (Italian pronunciation: [foˈkattʃa]) is one of the most versatile breads. The bread can be baked thick or thin, and the endless array of ...
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Fried Rice

How to Safely Hold Cooked Rice with Our CVap® Solutions

What is the best way to hold rice? The traditional method for preparing fried rice is to cook the rice, chill it overnight, and then ...
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Street Tacos

Street Tacos for School Lunch!

When you were a kid in school, you probably didn’t give much thought to learning about your future career from the lunchroom. I’d be willing ...
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CVap Staging in Ukraine

Spencer Cole, a Winston Global Accounts Manager, had the opportunity to visit Ukraine. Moreover, he trained several chains and chefs on CVap® technology. Notably, he ...
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Chris Jones likes CVap's consistency

Chris Jones Testimonial: CVap® Consistency

Chris Jones Testimonial: CVap Consistency Chris Jones of Porker BBQ in Naples, Fl. discusses how CVap has improved consistency in his kitchen and cut down ...
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Fred Jackson of Graja Inc loves Collectramatic Fryers

Collectramatic® Testimonial: Fred Jackson

Collectramatic Fryers Testimonial: Fred Jackson Fred Jackson of Graja Inc. in Washington loves Collectramatic Fryers and their longevity. He especially likes that almost every part ...
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CVap Cook and Hold Ovens for tempering chocolate

Chocolate Covered CVap Sweets

Can we make tempered chocolate in a CVap® Cook and Hold Oven? We love chocolate, and it got us thinking: What a fun experiment to play with! ...
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Tom Rojas is a big fan of Collectramatic fryers

Collectramatic® Testimonial: Tom Rojas

Collectramatic Testimonial: Tom Rojas Tom Rojas is a KFC Operations Manager in Florida, and a Collectramatic Fryers fan. He likes the quality and consistency of ...
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Roger Fye loves the durability of Collectrmatic Fryers.

Collectramatic® Testimonial: Rodger Fye

Collectramatic Testimonial: Rodger Fye Rodger Fye, Director of Operations for KFC in Freeport, Illinois explains why our Collectramatic Fryers are his one and only choice ...
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Robby Arnold appreciates Collectramatic fryers

Collectramatic® Fryers Testimonial: Robby Arnold

Collectramatic Fryers Testimonial: Robby Arnold Robby Arnold of BBG North in New York is a foodservice veteran. He’s a fan of our Collectramatic Fryers. Chicken ...
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Richard Walsh is a fan of the Collectramatic Pressure Fryer

Collectramatic® Testimonial: Richard Walsh

Collectramatic Testimonial: Richard Walsh Richard Walsh of Aarsand Management explains why he loves our Collectramatic Pressure Fryer, which he’s been working with for over 30 ...
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Kevin Schlutz is a Collectramatic Fryers fan

Collectramatic® Testimonial: Kevin Schlutz

Collectramatic Fryers Testimonial: Kevin Schlutz Kevin Schlutz, with Central Iowa KFC Inc, explains the benefits of Collectramatic Fryers. His company has been using them for ...
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John Malnofski thinks Collectramatic fryers are fun and reliable to work with.

Collectramatic® Testimonial: John Malnofski

Collectramatic Fryers Testimonial: John Malnofski John Malnofski explains his experience with Collectramatic Fryers and how they are fun and reliable to work with! View all ...
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Testimonial by Dimple Jain

Collectramatic® Testimonial: Dimple Jain

Dimple Jain Testimonial Dimple Jain of RJ Inc. in Missouri explains why she loves our Collectramatic Fryers for her KFC franchise stores. She believes these ...
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Dana Pennell is a fan of Collectramatic fryers

Collectramatic® Fryers Testimonial: Dana Pennell

Collectramatic Fryers Testimonial: Dana Pennell Dana Pennell of Dana Enterprises in Ohio decided to switch to Collectramatic Fryers after looking at the high costs of ...
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Bryant Davis loves Collectramatic Fryers

Collectramatic® Testimonial: Bryant Davis

Collectramatic Testimonial: Bryant Davis Bryant Davis, Director of Operations with KFC in Ohio, loves the durability and reliability of Collectramatic Fryers! He believes the quality ...
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CVap cabinets are great for school nutrition

School Nutrition Association’s Equipment Academy

Unique to Georgia is Their School Nutrition Association’s Equipment Academy As school nutrition professionals, it’s important for us to stay on top of the trends, ...
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cuban sandwich

Embracing the Flavors of the Cuban Sandwich

The Cuban sandwich has made its way onto menus across the country. It’s an iconic Florida favorite, with its origins in Cuban culture. Here is ...
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Robert Rials is a fan of Collectramatic pressure fryers

Collectramatic® Testimonial – Robert Rials

Collectramatic Fryer Testimonial – Robert Rials Robert Rials, a KFC Franchisee for over 30 years, talks about the benefits of using Collectramatic Pressure Fryers in ...
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fresh shrimp cooked in a CVap oven

Crab Leg Feast For The Holidays!

Growing up, we had a Christmas Eve seafood feast tradition. I grew up near the water in South Florida. Fresh seafood was easy to access. ...
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Maximize Efficiency and Consistency with CVAP

CVap® Testimonial: Mark Plescha

CVap Testimonial: Mark Plescha Mark Plescha of Charcoal BYOB in Yardley, PA has been working with CVap for three years, and has now integrated our ...
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50 Shades of CVap

Have you ever had one of those experiences where your chance encounter far exceeded your expectation? The corporate chef of a chain restaurant asked me ...
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Ranchero Beans are yummy school nutrition

Tasty Ranchero Beans!

With a side dish like  Tantalizing and Tasty Ranchero Beans from a district like Brantley County Schools in Georgia, you can’t go wrong. There’s been ...
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scallops staged in CVap a consistently perfect

CVap® Staged Scallops

Staged Scallops These staged scallops are consistently out of this world! CVap ovens let you hold scallops, without overcooking, until an order comes in. A ...
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Rich Pepino

CVap® Testimonial: Rich Pepino

CVap® Testimonial: Rich Pepino Rich Pepino, the Executive Chef at Drexel University, talks about the versatility of CVap and the benefits it provides! View all ...
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Chef Dave Durante share his CVap testimonial

CVap® Testimonial: Dave Durante

CVap Testimonial: Chef Dave Durante Executive Chef Dave Durante of Crown Colony Golf & Country Club in Fort Meyers, Florida, shares his testimonial about all ...
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Richard Crisanti with CVap Hold and Serve Drawers

CVap® Testimonial: Richard Crisanti

Richard Crisanti: CVap Drawers Testimonial Certified Executive Chef Richard Crisanti of Shadow Wood Country Club in Bonita Springs, Florida talks about the versatility of CVap ...
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Chef Ralph Feraco

CVap® Testimonial: Chef Ralph Feraco

CVap Testimonial: Ralph Feraco Executive Chef Ralph Feraco of Kensington Country Club in Naples, Florida talks about the versatility of CVap Hold and Serve Drawers. ...
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Chas Tatigian appreciates the food consistency that CVap provides

CVap® Testimonial: Chas Tatigian

CVap Testimonial: Chas Tatigian Chas Tatigian of Twin Eagles Country Club in Naples, Florida appreciates the food consistency that CVap provides. He stages proteins and ...
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Kevin Willman

CVap® Testimonial: Kevin Willmann

CVap Testimonial: Kevin Willmann Kevin Willmann of Farmhaus in St. Louis, Missouri enjoys the benefits of being able to hold his food in his CVap ...
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Greater Flexibility in Your Kitchen Design

CVap® equipment is a powerful addition to any commercial kitchen design. Many users say CVap is one of their favorite appliances. Others swear they would ...
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sous vide chicken cooked in CVap

CVap Oven vs. Immersion Circulator

Recently I had a talented chef come to our headquarters in Louisville to do some testing. He was preparing to open a new traditional-style steakhouse ...
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braising Veal Shank for ossocuco

CVap Veal Shank Ossobuco

Ossobuco (pronounced os-oh-boo-koh) is a Milanese specialty of cross-cut veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine, and broth. It is often garnished with gremolata and traditionally ...
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Cvap Steaming rice

Cook Rice in CVap

Traditionally, most cooks use various types of steamers or specialized cookers to prepare rice. A customer asked if you could cook it in a CVap Cook ...
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flourless chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake – CVap Oven vs. Conventional Oven

When I was a kid, I remember making the most decadent, delicious, and rich flourless chocolate cake.  I helped my grandmother put ganache on the ...
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chicken ballotine

Chicken Ballotine: A Crispy and Juicy Recipe

As I have worked my way down the East Coast, I have always taken away something from restaurants. For example, I spent some time in ...
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pulled pork butt

CVap® Pork Butt: How to Cook a Pork Butt

Boston butt or pork butt is the American name for a cut of pork that comes from the upper part of the shoulder from the front leg and may ...
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Savory Saltimbocca

CVap Saltimbocca, Southern Style!

Saltimbocca is a dish traditionally made of veal, lined or topped with prosciutto and sage. In addition, it is marinated in wine, oil, or saltwater, ...
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lobster for corn chowder

Lobster and Fresh Corn Chowder with CVap Staged Scallops

What better way to celebrate the transition from summer to fall than to create a hearty chowder? We prepared this savory dish with lobster, fresh ...
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Petzel bun baked in a CVap retherm oven

Pork Loin-Pretzel Bun Sliders

Each component of this sandwich is delicious on its own. We started with the pretzel buns, which provide the perfect framework for the other flavors. ...
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Blushing CVap Shrimp and Lobster Pasta

We wanted to make something comforting yet elegant, an al dente linguine tossed in a velvety blush sauce. First we cooked lobster tails and shrimp ...
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Lobster with thyme and lemon

Butter-Poached Lobster with Thyme and Lemon

Lobster is the ultimate decadent luxury. History shows us that wasn’t always the case. People once considered it a trash food fit only for the ...
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chicken noodle soup stewing

Kickin’ Chicken Noodle Soup: A Bowl Full of Delicious!

There’s something deeply satisfying about chicken noodle soup. It resonates with most people. It’s good for the body. Soothing for the soul. It transports you ...
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