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Staged New Zealand Lamb Chops Recipe

lamb chops

Lamb is an under-appreciated protein. Globally, it ranks a distant fourth in meat popularity (behind pork, chicken, and beef). But it’s a lovely, mellow-flavored meat many folks would appreciate if they tried it. And it’s the healthiest red meat, containing high levels of protein and vitamin B12. Lambs and sheep are the same animals. Lambs are harvested a year old or less. More mature sheep meat is sold as mutton.

New Zealand is well-known for its lamb production. Sheep outnumber people on that island nation. New Zealand lamb is different from American-raised lamb because Kiwi lambs are typically grass-fed throughout their lives. This results in less marbling and a more pronounced flavor. Oddly enough, even with shipping costs included, New Zealand lamb tends to be less expensive than domestic lamb.

The most popular lamb cut is the ribs. This cut contains less fat than other cuts and tends to have a sweeter and milder flavor. The lamb chop is simply a sliced version of the ribs (or a vaguely nightmarish sock puppet). We tested it in our CVap oven (the meat, not the puppet).

Equipment: CHV7-05UV Cook and Hold Oven or RTV7-05UV Retherm Oven.

New Zealand Lamb Chops Settings:

  • Cook Time: 30 minutes
  • Cook Vapor Temp: 136°F
  • Cook Air Temp: Sous Vide
  • Hold Time: Infinite
  • Hold Vapor Temp: 136°F
  • Hold Air Temp: Sous Vide

New Zealand Lamb Chops Preparation:

  1. Portion lamb chops by cutting between each rib as evenly as possible.
  2. Arrange on a rack-lined sheet pan.
  3. Place pan into preheated CVap oven and press “Enter Check” to start the program.
  4. Remove lamb chops from oven when ready, pat to dry, season, and sear as desired.

Staging the lamb chops makes it possible to serve quickly to every customer. Because CVap ovens are designed not to overcook, the chops can remain in the oven for an extended time. As orders are placed, they can be pulled from the oven, seared quickly on a grill or pan, and served in a fraction of the time it takes to prepare from raw. CVap keeps shrinkage at a minimum, so there’s very little yield loss. And the last chop served will be as tender, juicy, and delicious as the first.

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