Firmware Updates

Note: Updating the firmware on CVap® equipment will clear programming on channels 1-8. These will need to be reprogrammed after the update. Updating firmware also erases all HACCP records as well. Identify your CVap® model/series – Where to locate serial tag (photo of serial tag with model circled). Download and copy .p32 file onto a USB Stick that is under 4GB in size.

Version 4.1
Released 6/13/2019

Version 5.1
Released 6/13/19

Version 5.4
Released 6/13/19

Version 6.3
Released 6/13/19

Version 4.2
Released 6/13/19

Version 3.3
Released 6/13/19

Version 5.3
Released 6/13/19

  • Once you have verified the update is saved to your USB, safely eject from the computer.
  • Insert USB into the USB port on the control panel of the CVap® equipment.
  • Power Cycle the cabinet either by the wall plug or the REBOOT option found in settings.
  • When completed correctly, the cabinet will enter a bootloader mode and you will see “SYSTEM UPDATE”. Press the ENTER key to choose SYSTEM UPDATE.
  • The Firmware number and revision will scroll across the screen. Confirm that you want to update by pressing the ENTER key.
  • Once the update has completed, you will be prompted to remove the USB Stick. Upon removing the USB Stick the cabinet will power cycle and you’ll now be on the newly updated firmware.