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CVap® Options and Accessories

What's the Difference?

When ordering Winston CVap equipment, it is important to understand the difference between options and accessories.
Use the links below to get the most out of your CVap oven.

options and accessories

Options are extra features installed at our factory. They should be selected during your order placement. Some options (such as hinging) do not involve an upcharge. But others require an additional charge. 

options and accessories

Accessories may be ordered with your equipment, or after the fact. Most importantly, they can be installed in the field, often without a service call.

industrial and commercial kitchen equipment

CVap® Options

CVap® ovens and holding cabinets are the best commercial foodservice equipment on the market.
Make them even better by adding CVap options to your order.

Options need to be included in initial equipment order, since they must be added at our factory.

industrial and commercial kitchen equipment

CVap® Accessories

Order CVap accessories anytime after your purchase. Make the most of your equipment investment with genuine OEM Winston accessories.

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