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Racks and Rails

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Winston’s racks and rails are a perfect fit for your CVap® equipment.

To clarify, let’s describe the difference between racks and rails. Racks (as seen at right) are great for holding pans. Furthermore, some foods can  even be placed directly on the racks. Critically, racks are placed on the rails inside the cabinet.

On the other hand, Rails connect to the side of the oven or cabinet. Naturally, they can hold up racks, or directly hold a variety of pans.

These accessories can be ordered directly from us, or through our partners at Partstown.

accessories wire racks

Chrome Wire Racks

Chrome-plated wire racks fit all UV model CVap equipment. They are available in sets of four or five.

4 Pack PS2206-4
5 Pack PS2206-5

racks wire chrome PS2206-5

Stainless Steel Wire Racks

Stainless steel wire racks fit all UV model CVap products. They are available in sets of four or five.

4 Pack PS2938-4
5 Pack PS2938-5



Universal Wire Rails

These wire rails are designed to fit HP model CVap products. Shipped in sets of two.

2 Pack PS2935-2

ps2980-2 chrome wire rails

Stainless Steel Wire Rails

Stainless steel wire rails fit UV and SP model CVap equipment. Shipped in packs of two.

2 Pack PS2980-2

ps2935-2 wire rails
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