Drawer Accessories

Get the most out of your CVap® Hold and Serve Drawers with genuine Winston drawer accessories. Perforated drawer bottoms allow free circulation of heated water vapor, enhancing recovery after opening.

CVap holding drawer
ps2212 drawer bottom d

Perforated D Drawer Bottom

Perforated drawer bottom fits easily into D model CVap warming drawers. Allows heated vapor to circulate freely within the drawer, promoting faster recovery. Fits Models HBB0D1, HBB0D2, HBB5D1, and HBB5D2. PS2212

Perforated N Drawer Bottom

Designed for N model CVap drawers, this perforated bottom allows free air circulation. It promotes fast recovery after opening. Fits models HBB0N1, HBB0N2, HBB5N1, and HBB5N2. PS3177