Food Temperature Probes

Enhance the precision of your CVap® equipment with a Food Temperature Probe. Designed for Series 7 models, these probes provide instant readings for the internal temperature of foods.

Probes can be utilized in a Probe Cook, so the oven will automatically transition to a hold cycle when the setpoint temperature has been reached.

Probe information is also recorded in HACCP data, documenting adherence to your HACCP plan.

ac1002 food temp probe

Food Temp Probe
3" Probe / 4' Cord

Features a 3" probe, and 4' cord. Ideal for half-size units. Works with all Series 7 CVap models. AC1002

ac1001 food probe

Food Temp Probe
3" Probe / 8' Cord

Features a 3" probe and 8' cord. Ideal for full-size models. Works with all Series 7 CVap models. AC1001

ac1004 6in 4ft probe

Food Temp Probe
6" Probe / 4' Cord

This features a 6" probe with a 4' cord. Suitable for larger roasts and proteins. Designed to work with all Series 7 models. AC1004