Drain Accessories

Removing the water from your CVap® equipment isn’t rocket science. But it can be a little challenging. These drain accessories make it a little easier.

cvap drain
stacked pair drain kit accessories

Stacked Pair Drain Kit

Enables you to cleanly and safely empty water from the top unit of a stacked pair. Protects the control surface of the lower unit from water damage. Water is diverted to the hose, which can be directed into a bucket or dolly. Fits all CVap stacked pair configurations.

ps2696 water dolly

Water Dolly

The water dolly easily rolls under the drain valve. Designed to fit beneath standard CVap ovens and cabinet. Allows evaporator to empty safely into dolly. Then simply roll the dolly to the nearest floor drain, open the dolly valve, and empty. Works with all CVap ovens and holding cabinets.