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Fryer Parts and Accessories

Find Fryer Parts and Accessories

Make the most of your Collectramatic® Fryer with genuine Winston fryer accessories. 

Winston’s Collectramatic Fryers are legendary. They were originally designed for the Colonel himself. Their simple yet effective
design has kept them cooking the world’s best fried chicken for decades.

fryer accessories
Winston Baskets are designed specifically for Collectramatic Fryers.
fryer accessories
The Winston Shortening Filter is a must-have for Collectramatic owners.
Other accessories
Find other accessories that you need to make the most out of your fryer, including carts and tools.

Collectramatic Baskets and Shelves

fryer accessories

No matter what model Collectramatic Fryer you use, you’ll find the baskets for it here. Baskets may be ordered directly from Winston, or through our partners at Partstown


Shelves and Sets

Collectramatic® Filters

Collectramatic Fryer Filter

The Winston Shortening Filter is a must-have for Collectramatic owners. They quickly filter cooking oil and pump it back into the fryer, keeping downtime to a minimum. Because they’re mobile, a single filter can service multiple fryers. F662T

Accessories can be ordered directly from Winston, or via our partners at Partstown.

fryer accessories

Filter Paper

This high-efficiency Filter Paper fits Winston Shortening Filters. Measuring 16.75″ x 22.5″, they’re a perfect fit. Regular filtering extends shortening life. PS1488

fryer accessories

Other Accessories

PS1682 Tray Cart with Basket Stand

The Tray Cart with Basket Stand provides a space to easily hang open baskets and remove the cooked chicken (basket not included). PS1682


The Basket Drain Hook allows operators to safely lower baskets into the oil. After the cook cycle completes, the tool facilitates the removal of the basket from the cookpot.

Additionally, it enables the basket to hang for a brief time above the cookpot, allowing excess oil to drain back into the fryer. PS1154

Displacer Tool

The Displacer Tool is a simple but effective tool used to force oil out of the fryer’s collector. It forces additional oil to drain from the collector, making the collector easier and safer to remove. PS1209


The Safety Gloves are heavy-duty rubber gloves that are a must-have when working with hot oil. Critically, they help protect hands and forearms from accidental burns from hot oil. PS1001


This 25.75″ White Teflon Brush is designed to scrub heating elements during the cleaning process. PS1120

collector removal

The Collector Removal Tool uses foot pressure to help lift the collector and break the gasket seal. It makes removing the collector much easier. PS3187

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