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Collectramatic® OF59C Open Fryer

Collectramatic® OF59C Open Fryer

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Category: Open Fryer
Size: 45.5″ x 20.2″ x 28.6″
Capacity: 6-Head
18 Lbs product
75 lbs Cooking Oil
Ship Weight: 170 Lbs/77 Kg
Circuit Amps 50 (3 Phase/208V)
50 (3 Phase/240V)
60 (1 Phase/240V)


Product Description

Winston’s Collectramatic® Open Fryer OF59C uses FilterFry technology to cook chicken and other foods to golden perfection. Its patented cold zone prevents cracklings from scorching and tainting your shortening. The OF59C has a 6-head capacity, and can cook 18 lb (8.2 kg) of product per load. It features an 8-channel programmable control.

Product Overview

Winston’s Collectramatic® Open Fryer, model OF59C with processor controls and 13″ deep collector, which allows up to 360 lbs. of chicken (or equivalent) to be cooked without manual filtration or emptying collector. Utilize clamshell basket to maintain separation of product during cooking.

Want to learn more the technology behind Collectramatic®? Watch this quick, quirky video.

Product Resources
Spec Sheet
Owner’s Manual
Helpful Video
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