What Makes CVap® Technology So Freakin’ Great?

CVap® (Controlled Vapor Technology), rewrites the rules of food quality. What makes it different? Water vapor! All kitchen equipment uses hot air to affect food. Some even use “humidity” to attempt indirectly to improve the environment (that they created) and amount of control of food quality that they claim. Humidifed cooking is the old attempt to impact food moisture. 

Only CVap technology uses heated water vapor to directly control food temperature. Pair that with air heat to directly control texture, and you have an unbeatable combo (no, we didn’t say combi – we’re not nearly that expensive or complicated). CVap technology is available in cook and hold ovens, retherm ovens, holding cabinets, and hold and serve drawers. There’s a size and configuration to fit every need.

Higher Yield

CVap ovens give you uniform yield, end to end and top to bottom. No overdone edges or undercooked centers.

HACCP Records

Downloading data is as easy as inserting a thumb drive. It’s HACCP without hassle!

Wireless Programming

Load signature dishes for repeatedly consistent results, quick and easy.

Decreased Labor

You can prepare well ahead of the rush, and keep serving through peak periods, delivering a one-two punch to labor and food costs.

Serving Time

Lunchtime is crunch time. Your workday revolves around this brief period. You need an oven that cooks big quantities, fast.


Whether you want to cook ahead of or keep foods hot through the rush, crisp foods stay crisp and moist foods stay moist.

Repeatable Results

Whether you’re serving burgers, barbeque, broccoli, or brioche, CVap equipment helps you serve it fresher, faster, and repeatedly fantastic.


Ghost kitchens and cloud kitchens listen up! You now have the flexibility to place CVap equipment anywhere, saving space beneath the vent for the stuff that requires it.


CVap equipment has a nomad’s heart. They don’t have to be parked under vent hoods. They don’t have to be plumbed to drains.

Delayed Start

Your crew can start the day with units that are preheated and ready to rock.