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CVap® 101

CVap® uses Controlled Vapor Technology to deliver high quality cooking and holding in your kitchen. CVap® stands out amongst other cabinets, because it is designed to heat food instead of heat air like the others. CVap® technology was designed on the principle that food contains water, so it behaves like water when it is heated. By following this principle, only CVap® provides control of both Food Temperature and Food Texture. Once the water in the cabinet’s evaporator is heated to your preferred temperature, it raises the food’s temperature to the exact set point and keeps it there without drying out, or overcooking. No other equipment is capable of doing what CVap® does.

No matter how you say it, CVap technology is industry-changing. Here’s how you say it in a few different languages:
Arabic (عربى)
Chinese (中文)
French Canadian (français canadien)
Portuguese (Português)
Spanish (Español)