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Get Sales Popping with CVap® Chicken Wings!

What goes better with social gatherings than chicken wings? There are so many ways to flavor and cook this delicious treat. Although they may be challenging to procure, they are a perennial crowd favorite. When it comes to frying them, it feels like it takes forever.

chicken wings can boost your sales

Our CVap Cook and Hold Oven is the workhorse in the kitchen, so we decided to put it to use to reduce the fry time for chicken wings.

We took raw, fresh, jumbo bone-in chicken wings and advance-staged them in the CVap oven at 165 + 0 (or 165°F vapor/166°F air in new CVap ovens) until they reached an internal temperature of 160°F. When we dropped them in the Collectramatic® fryer (open fry at 350°F), they were ready to serve in four minutes flat. The chicken wings were crispy on the outside, moist and juicy inside, and exceeded a finishing temp of 165°F.

Staging came through on these chicken wings! These are easy to prepare for catering, appetizer specials, or any time you want a batch. You can serve them up in minutes, with each batch hot, fresh, and delicious.

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