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Staffing Shortage Solutions

The labor shortage has hit the foodservice industry particularly hard. Operators are coping with staffing shortages, under-skilled workers, and staff retention. When labor is an issue, your equipment needs to bridge the gap. Equipment must be simple to use, provide consistent results, and require little attention. CVap fits the bill.

CVap equipment reduces staffing strain. You can program it specifically for your menu, so even the most novice employee can operate it. Because CVap excels at maintaining food quality for extended periods, there’s no need to babysit the ovens. Food can be removed when needed, rather than pulled as soon as it’s done. This frees up staff to do other things, helping you to do more with fewer hands. Cooking and holding in the same oven means no need to move foods to a separate holding cabinet.

why cvap staffing

Prepare ahead of the rush, and keep serving through peak periods, delivering a one-two punch to labor and food costs. It’s fresh food, without sacrifice.

CVap equipment can take the place of personnel in your kitchen. By staging ahead, stress on the cook line is reduced. Ticket times on many foods can be reduced to just a few minutes. Pull food from the CVap, finish on the grill, and out it goes to the table. You’ll need fewer folks on the line with CVap in your kitchen.

CVap even works when your staff isn’t working. Timed preheat gets it up to temperature and ready to use as soon as staff arrives. Overnight cooking allows you to prepare a full load of food and have it cooked and ready to serve first thing in the morning.

Contact us today to learn more about how CVap can help resolve your staffing challenges.

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