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Overnight Cooking

Labor is a big uncertainty right now. Overnight cooking can help. Load up your CVap oven with the products needed for the next day. The morning crew will clock in to find perfectly cooked food, holding precisely at the selected temperature and texture. CVap really is your extra hand in the kitchen.

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Set and Forget: Overnight Cooking with CVap® Ovens

It’s a capability that speaks for itself. Load the oven, clock out, and go home. Things are dialed in and ready for the morning crew.

If you’re using a conventional oven, you’ve got to make darn sure you have the oven set just right, and have your alarm clock set to wake up in time to remove the food as soon as it’s done. Mess up on either, and you could have an overcooked waste of product and time.

But if you’re cooking in a CVap oven, overnight cooking lets you rest easy and get more sleep! CVap technology’s precision, coupled with its ability to hold for hours at an exact doneness level means your perfectly-cooked product will be waiting for you in the morning, ready to be served.

overnight brisket
overnight cornedbeef