CVap® HBB0N1 Hold and Serve Drawer

Category: Hold & Serve Drawer
Size: 15.7″ x 27.7″ x 16.5″
Capacity: 1 Steam Table Pan
2 Half Steam Table Pans
3 Third Steam Table Pans
1 Gastronorm Pan – 1/1
Accepts up to 6″ deep pans
Ship Weight: 95 Lbs/43 Kg
NEMA US 5-15P (1 Phase/120V)
CAN 5-20P (1 Phase/120V)

Product Description

The CVap® HBB0N1 Hold and Serve Drawer offers fantastic food temperature and texture control. CVap drawers have a unique design that speeds temp recovery, even with frequent openings.

This narrow, single-drawer model has 1/2″ feet. It can hold one steam table pan, two half steam table pans, or one 1/1 Gastronorm pan. Its differential push-button control is easy to use.

Winston offers many drawer different configurations. Check out our full line of hold & serve drawers to find the model that best suits your needs.

What is CVap?

Simply put, CVap (or Controlled Vapor Technology) is a patented dual heat system that combines moist vapor heat and dry air heat to control food temperature and texture. For a quick, quirky look at the science behind CVap technology, watch this video.

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