CVap® HBB5N2 Hold and Serve Drawer

Category: Hold & Serve Drawer
Size: 25.3″ x 27.7″ x 16.5″
Capacity: 2 Steam Table Pans
4 Half Steam Table Pans
6 Third Steam Table Pans
2 Gastronorm Pans – 1/1Accepts pans up to 6″ deep
Ship Weight: 125 Lbs/57 Kg
NEMA US 5-15P (1 Phase/120V)
CAN 5-20P (1 Phase/120V)

Product Description

The CVap® HBB5N2 Hold and Serve Drawer is easy to use and offers precise food temperature and texture control. CVap drawers feature a unique design that boosts temp recovery, even with frequent openings. Its built-in fan ensures even temperatures throughout the drawer.

This narrow, two-drawer model has 1/2″ feet, and can hold two steam table pans, four half steam table pans, or two 1/1 Gastronorm pans. Its differential push-button control is easy to use.

Winston offers many drawer different configurations. Check out our full line of hold and serve drawers to find the model that best suits your needs.

What is CVap?

Simply put, CVap (or Controlled Vapor Technology) is a patented dual heat system. It combines moist vapor heat and dry air heat to control food temperature and texture. For a quick, quirky look at the science behind CVap technology, watch this video.

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