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Auto Water Fill

Auto Water Fill provides the necessary hardware to attach the CVap appliance to a water supply. It frees staff from having to monitor and manually refill the evaporator.

Auto Water Fill is included in RTV Retherm Ovens and CHV Cook and Hold Ovens. Auto Fill is optional on HOV Holding Cabinets.

Cord Wrap

The Cord Wrap mounts to the back of the cabinet. It provides a convenient spot to wrap the cord when the unit is being relocated, or moved for cleaning.

transport kit option

Reinforced Top

Reinforced Tops can be added to half size UV model ovens and cabinets. Able to hold up to 150 lbs, the tops add storage and work space to your kitchen.

Security Package Option

Designed for correctional facilities and other high security locations, the Security Package includes tamperproof screws and hardware to prevent removal and enhance security.

Locking Doors

The Locking Door option adds a padlock bracket to the door (customer provides padlocks). Ideal for situations where units need to be locked to prevent unauthorized access.

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