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Leg and Wheel Options

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We have leg and wheel options to fit every need because CVap is built for mobility.

Full-size models come stock with 5″ casters. Most half-size models include 3″ casters. And most models give you the option of changing to different casters, wheels, or legs that better suit your needs.

CVap drawers come stock with 1/2″ feet, but 3″ casters and several leg sizes are options.


Casters are available in 2″ 3″, and 5″ sizes. Contact Customer Care or your local sales representative for information on availability for specific models.

wheels and legs


Optional legs are available in 2″, 4″ and 6″ heights. Check with your local Winston rep for information on availability for specific CVap oven, cabinet, and drawer models.

Leg options


1.5″ wheels can be added to most 04 and 05 model CVap Holding Cabinets, Retherm Ovens, and Cook and Hold Ovens. Check with your sales rep for more wheel options.

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