Door Options

CVap® equipment is available with a wide variety of door options. Most models come stock with solid insulated doors. Options include windows, flip doors, pass-through, locks, and a combination of these.

cook and hold oven
transport base options


The pass-through configuration adds doors to the back of the cabinet. Half-size models add a single door. Full-size models add two doors. They can be solid or windowed.
Available in CVap Holding Cabinets and CVap Cook and Hold Ovens.

Window Door Options


Windows make it easy to check inventory, monitor food, and display your product.
Available on all CVap ovens and holding cabinets.

Flip Door Windows

Flip door windows add sturdy plexiglass windows to the cabinet. Enhances visibility and eases access to the food products. Patent-pending hinges will never wear out, and sturdy magnets keep the flip window out of the way.
Available in HOV 14 and HOV 05 models.