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Probe Cooking

Probe cooking is a powerful option available in CVap® Series 7 RTV Retherm Ovens and CHV Cook and Hold Ovens. CVap ovens are extremely accurate. Utilizing probes enhances that precision and makes it easily documentable. Whether cooking proteins or large portions, probes can be used to verify that food has safely transitioned through the temperature “danger zone” (between 40° and 140°F) in the safe time allowed.

Probes eliminate guesswork and simplify the cooking process. They can also save on time and labor because you don’t have to babysit the oven. Simply program the appropriate doneness temperature, and CVap does the rest.

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What is Probe Cooking?

Probe cooking is exactly what it sounds like. It involves using a temperature probe, inserted into the food, to monitor the exact temperature of the food. Although CVap ovens are by their nature very precise, utilizing a food temperature probe kicks that precision up a notch. The oven monitors and records the food temperature as it cooks. This data is particularly handy when recording data for a HACCP plan. It verifies that food has reached the proper temperature, within the allowable amount of time.

How Does the Probe Cooking Process Work with CVap?

Utilizing a probe in a CVap oven is simple. First, plug your probe into the receptacle inside the oven. Next, go through the channel programming process. When you come to the step to choose Cook Type your choices are Time Cook or Probe. Select Probe.

The oven will walk you through the steps of setting the vapor and air temperatures for both the cook and the hold cycles.

For the best accuracy, insert the probe into the thickest portion of the food (typically a thick protein). If cooking whole poultry, place the probe in the thigh joint. If cooking smaller individual cuts, like chops, insert the probe in the side of the thickest chop.

The current probe temperature can be checked at any time by prompting the controller to display it.

For a quick, easy explanation of probe cooking, check out this video.


As mentioned before, food thermometer probes enhance the already precise capabilities of CVap ovens. The temperature can be monitored throughout the cook cycle, and CVap ovens can be programmed to automatically shift to their hold cycle once the target temperature is reached.


Using a probe simplifies the documentation of food and cabinet temperatures. Whether this is for a HACCP plan or other monitoring system, the CVap controller can record up to two years of data for future use.

Labor Savings

Food temperature probes, in conjunction with CVap technology, free your staff from having to babysit the oven. The probe senses when the food has reached its target temperature and switches to a hold mode. Your staff can attend to other tasks, without worrying about food overcooking. You can even cook overnight, without anyone in your kitchen. CVap will cook to perfection.

Higher Yields

Using food probes on a high-yield cook cycle can substantially increase the number of servings you can obtain from a roast or prime cut. The CVap oven’s ability to cook low and slow greatly reduces shrinkage. You can achieve uniform doneness, end to end and top to bottom. Virtually nothing is wasted. Higher yields equal more servings, meaning more profits for your operation.

It’s an Option Worth Considering

Food temperature probes are optional accessories for CVap Series 7 CHV and RTV ovens. They’re a useful option that will make things easier for you and your staff. Food probes can be ordered with your oven, or after purchase from our website. Check’em out.

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