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Probe Cooking

Probe cooking is a powerful option available in CVap® Series 7 Retherm Ovens and Cook and Hold Ovens. CVap ovens are extremely accurate. Utilizing them enhances that precision and make it easily documentable. Whether cooking proteins or large portions, they can be used to determine if food has safely transitioned through the temperature “danger zone” (between 40° and 140°F).

Probes eliminate guesswork and simplify the cooking process. They can also save on time and labor because you don’t have to babysit the oven. Simply program the appropriate doneness temperature, and CVap does the rest.

achieve high precision with a food probe

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Probe Cooking in CVap® Ovens

Food probes are a powerful option available in CVap Series 7 Retherm Ovens and Cook and Hold Ovens. These are available in 3″ and 6″ lengths and with 4′ or 8′ cords. 

In this video, Winston’s Corporate Research Chef Samantha Brown walks you throughusing one, from programming, to placement, to slicing the final product.

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