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Automatic Hold

CVap® Retherm Ovens and Cook and Hold Ovens feature an automatic hold option. When the cook cycle is complete, the ovens can be programmed to transition to hold mode, maintaining food at the desired doneness level until you’re ready to serve it. It’s like an extra hand in the kitchen.

Save space by cooking and holding in the same footprint. CVap keeps food hot and safe.

What is the Automatic Hold Option on CVap?

CVap ovens are known for their precision. They can be programmed to achieve the exact temperature and texture desired. Air heat controls the evaporation of moisture from the food. Vapor heat dictates the doneness temperature of the food. The oven can be programmed for a timed cook, or if it’s a Series 7, a food probe cook.

If a hold period is desired, a second set of settings can be programmed into the oven. Like the cook cycle, the hold cycle is programmed with the air and vapor temperature settings. But unlike the cook cycle, the hold cycle is designed to maintain food temperature, not continue to raise it. This enables the user to hold even rare meats at a constant temperature, without overcooking. Texture control keeps the food from drying out or getting soggy.

The hold cycle can be programmed for a set time or for an infinite amount of time.

How Does Automatic Hold Work?

Just as it sounds, the Automatic Hold mode works…automatically. At the conclusion of the cook cycle, the ovens will readjust to the hold settings. They will continue to hold at those settings until they time out or are turned off, depending on how they were programmed.

What Can You Use the Automatic Hold Option for?

The Automatic Hold option is the stress it takes off your staff. Conventional ovens require close attention. If food isn’t removed as soon as it’s done, it can quickly overcook, wasting time and product. CVap ovens, on the other hand, stop cooking on a dime, shifting instantly to hold mode. Your staff can address other tasks and remove the food when they are ready for it.

Automatic Hold offers the ability to stage. Staging, or stage cooking, involves cooking food to the exact internal temperature desired, and then holding it at that temperature until serving time. CVap ovens are unique in their ability to maintain food at the desired temperature, without overcooking or drying out. Once an order is placed the food can be finished on a pan, griddle, or grill. Staging cuts the amount of time it takes to serve up an order to a fraction of starting from scratch

Benefits of Automatic Hold for Cook and Hold Ovens

The Automatic Hold function provides several benefits. Here are some of the key advantages of a holding function in CVap ovens:

Temperature Control: Automatic Hold allows operators to maintain a specific temperature within the oven, which is critical for keeping cooked food hot and ready for service without overcooking or drying it out.

Timing Flexibility: With Automatic Hold, you can cook food ahead of time and keep it at the desired serving temperature until it’s needed. This is particularly useful in settings where multiple orders or batches need to be prepared simultaneously.

Food Quality: Automatic Hold in a CVap oven helps preserve the quality of the food. It prevents it from becoming cold, soggy, or overcooked, ensuring that customers receive a consistently superior product.

Labor Efficiency: With a holding function, kitchen staff can prepare food in advance during slower periods, making it easier to handle peak mealtime rushes. This can lead to better workflow and more efficient kitchen operations.

Reduced Food Waste: CVap’s Automatic Hold can help reduce food waste by allowing for better planning and utilization of cooked food. Instead of discarding food that has been overcooked, it can be held at the correct temperature until it’s needed.

Consistency: Consistency in food preparation is critical in commercial kitchens. Automatic Hold helps ensure that every plate served is consistent in quality and temperature, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Safety: Food safety is a top priority in the foodservice industry. Automatic Hold can help ensure that food is maintained at safe temperatures to prevent bacterial growth and foodborne illnesses.

Extended Holding Times: CVap ovens can be programmed to specific holding settings for distinct types of food, such as baked goods, meats, or vegetables, which can extend the holding time without compromising quality.

Enhanced Menu Offerings: Automatic Hold enables restaurants and other operations to expand their menu options by preparing and holding a wider variety of dishes, including those that may have longer cooking times.

In summary, a holding function in commercial ovens is a valuable feature that helps maintain the quality, consistency, and efficiency of foodservice operations. It is especially useful in busy kitchens and food establishments where timing and food quality are critical for customer satisfaction.

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