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CVap® technology’s precision makes it ideal for proofing. Low, moist heat helps accelerate the rising process. CVap keeps the temperature low and stable, so the yeast can really get down to the business of rising, without temp fluctuations. Proofing can be done in all CVap units, which makes them more vital in the kitchen. Proof dough for breads, pretzels, pastries, and more.

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focaccia proofing
It’s All in the Proof! CVap Focaccia  Focaccia bread (Italian pronunciation: [foˈkattʃa]) is one of the most versatile breads baked today. Not only can the bread be baked either thick or thin, the endless array of toppings to choose from compounds flavors in a complex yet delightful way. Most people think of Focaccia as the free basket of bread provided before the meal at your local Italian eatery, but the bread can be used many different ways including as a pizza base, sandwich bread or even as a cake. READ MORE
proof pretzel bread

Pretzel Party in the CVap® Kitchen 

While having a baking day in our CVap® kitchen, we decided to add a little twist. We were working with French bread dough and set a couple of loaves aside to experiment. They were pulled from the freezer the night before, covered in plastic wrap, and allowed to retard in the refrigerator. They slacked on the counter for about an hour before we began playing with the dough.