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Steaming works by continuously boiling water , causing it to vaporize into steam. The steam carries heat to the nearby food, cooking it. The food is kept separate from the boiling water, but has direct contact with the steam. The result is food with a moist texture.

Conventional commercial steamers utilize continuous streams of 212°F steam. Some steamers can even exceed that temp.

However, steaming in CVap is not the same as in traditional commercial steamers. You can program our maximum vapor temperature and air temperature to 200°F/200°F to create 100% relative humidity in the cabinet. This gives CVap the ability to gently steam or “vapor blanche” products. Because CVap can steam below 212°F, it gives the operator greater control and flexibility over the food.

Typical products to steam would be vegetables, seafood, dumplings/bao/buns, and other delicate foods.

You can steam in a cvap