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Cinnamon Rolls and Petite White Bread in CVap Ovens

Rollin’ Along, with CVap® Ovens and Rich’s Baked Goods.

CVap ovens are great for proteins, starches, and veggies. However, they’re also great for baking. Accordingly,we tested a few Rich’s products to see how they’d bake up. First we proofed in a CVap Holding Cabinet. Second, we baked them in CVap ovens. We tested in both an RTV Retherm Oven and a CHV Cook and Hold Oven.

We’re on a Roll

We tested two different types of Rich’s cinnamon rolls: a 2.25-oz cinnamon roll, and a 5-oz. roll. First, we pulled them from the freezer the night before, covered them in plastic wrap, and allowed them to retard in the refrigerator. Next, the dough slacked on the counter for about an hour. Lastly, we placed them in a CVap Holding Cabinet to proof. The cabinet was set to 100°F Vapor, 103°F Air. That gave us about an 85% relative humidity (recommended by the product directions).

Making More Dough

Likewise we proofed petite 6-oz. white bread dough in the same cabinet. We prepped these little rolls using a lame (pronounced lahm), which is basically a razor blade with a wooden handle. Using the lame, we scored (or docked) the loaves. Consequently, this serves a dual purpose. It allows the dough to expand in the oven without tearing the crust. In addition, it allows moisture and gas to escape. It’s pretty cool, especially when you do a lot of bread and you wanna differentiate between products. We popped these into the proofer with the cinnamon rolls. Per the instructions, we waited for them to expand to the point that at eye level, the loaves had risen about an inch and a half above the lip.

Lame and bread dough

We Can Handle the Proof

Honestly, the cinnamon rolls probably over-proofed a bit. Consequently, they were a bit on the large side. We pulled them from the holding cabinet and placed them in the ovens. Both the RTV Retherm Oven and the CHV Cook and Hold Oven were set to 200°F Vapor Temp, 350°F Air Temp. The bread loaves soon followed.

After about 14 minutes, the cinnamon rolls were ready to pull from the RTV oven, and the bread roll tray was turned and put back in the oven for another five minutes. Simultaneously, the products in the CHV oven were turned and baked a few more minutes. Total time was about 20 minutes in the CHV.

In the end the rolls from the RTV, being over-proofed to begin with, nearly tripled in size. Nonetheless they were gorgeous and smelled wonderful. The CHV oven rolls looked great too.


Topping Off

To top them off, we made a classic glaze. We combined about 1-1/2 cups of confectioner’s sugar, a half teaspoon of vanilla, and a tablespoon of half & half. For this purpose you’ll want to experiment with the mixture to get the proper consistency – thick but not too thick, and runny but not too runny. You want it to stay on the roll. Primarily, rolls should be warm, not hot, so that the glaze will ooze into the grooves on the rolls.

The petite rolls were removed from the ovens at 22 minutes. They came out golden brown and lovely.

The Results

In conclusion, our baking day showed that whether you’re aiming for speed (retherm oven) or finesse (cook and hold oven), CVap ovens are excellent for baking.

Added bonus: while we were busy baking these beautiful buns, we decided to try something a little different. Using the bread dough, we made some fresh hot pretzels. Check out that blog.

Rolls as big as your head
Beautifully Baked Bread
Cinnamon Rolls Yum

Recipe Recap

  • 2.25-oz cinnamon rolls (Rich’s sku# 03439)
  • 5-oz cinnamon rolls (Rich’s sku# 01646)
  • Petite 6-oz white bread dough (Rich’s sku# 08651)

Remove products from the freezer the night before, cover in plastic wrap, and allow to retard in the refrigerator. Slack on the counter for about an hour before placing in a CVap cabinet to proof.

Proof in CVap Holding Cabinet or Oven set at 100°F Vapor, 103°F Air until sufficiently risen.

Preheat CVap oven (cook & hold or retherm) to 200°F Vapor Temp, 350°F Air Temp.

RTV Cook Time
Cinnamon Rolls – 14 Minutes
Petite Rolls – 20 Minutes

CHV Bake Time
Cinnamon Rolls – 20 Minutes
Petite Rolls – 22 Minutes

Finish cinnamon rolls with glaze mixture.

  • 1-1/2 cups confectioner’s sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 tablespoon half & half.

Experiment with the mixture to get the proper consistency. Drizzle onto the rolls. Rolls should be warm, not hot, so that the glaze will ooze into the grooves on the rolls.

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