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Expecting Thousands at the Lunch Canteen? No Problem!

Many Chinese corporations provide lunch for their staff. Often the companies build the canteens themselves. Later, they contract with an outside foodservice company (e.g., Compass) to manage the canteen. Lunch periods at most of these companies are about 1 to 1.5 hours, much like many companies in the United States. One big difference, however, is the volume required of the dining facilities. Some Chinese canteens are catering up to 10,000 meals per day!

As you can imagine, providing mass meals within a limited time frame can be quite a challenge. This is why preparing food ahead of meal periods, then keeping it hot in quality holding cabinets is very popular in China. CVap® Holding Cabinets use Controlled Vapor Technology, which holds food – especially Chinese food – extremely well.

Traditional Chinese cuisine utilizes a lot of vegetables. When vegetables are held in typical dry holding cabinets, they lose color and quality. However, CVap uses both moist heat and dry heat to control the temperature and moisture content of the food. This preserves food color and quality. CVap holds food fresh much longer than dry cabinets.

tencent canteenThe photos in this post are from the Tencent corporation. Tencent is the top internet service portal in China. It offers internet, mobile, telecom, and online advertising services. Tencent is growing fast, opening branch operations in several Chinese cities. In Tencent’s Shenzhen headquarters, CVap Holding Cabinets are being used in the canteen. Consequently, their staff can enjoy quality hot meals every day!

tencent provides canteen for employees

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