Multitasking with CVap
How to Utilize CVap in Everyday Prep

CVap controls make multitasking easier

pan into the cvap

We often brag about our CVap® equipments’ versatility. But any kitchen professional will tell you that a kitchen tool that only does one thing really isn’t all that useful. CVap equipment is the kitchen equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife. Sure, our ovens can bake and roast. But they can also braise, stage, retherm, steam, poach, even sous vide and confit. CVap ovens can also function as holding cabinets, saving valuable floor space. Likewise, eliminating the need to transfer product from an oven to a holding cabinet saves labor.

CVap Capabilities to Help Your Everyday Prep

Delayed Start – Get your equipment pre-heated and ready to roll the moment your crew clocks in. CVap equipment can be set to preheat up to 24 hours ahead of time. Set your ovens before leaving, and they’ll be hot and ready when your crew arrives.

Overnight Cook – The overnight cook feature is particularly useful for large proteins. It does the work while you’re not working. Simply load up the ovens in the evening. Food will be perfectly cooked and ready to serve in the morning. Because CVap ovens automatically transition to hold mode at the end of a cook cycle, it won’t matter if the cook cycle concludes in the middle of the night – CVap technology will maintain food at just-cooked doneness for hours. We’ve often heard from our school professionals how much they appreciate this feature at Thanksgiving. They arrive in the morning to ovens full of perfectly cooked turkeys, ready for their students’ special holiday meal.

Bagged burgers in a CVap oven
Burgers and fried prepared in CVap oven

Programmed Channels – CVap Series 7 and 5 equipment features eight pre-programmed channels, covering the most popular settings. Need custom settings for your operation? No problem! All eight channels can be reprogrammed via the control board, an Android device (Series 7), or a desktop app (Series 7 and 5). And the settings can be locked, eliminating the hassle of someone playing with the controls and messing up the day’s menu.

Slacked or Frozen, CVap Can Handle It – If your operation serves lots of slacked or frozen foods, CVap ovens retherm quickly and safely. They’re ideal for schools, healthcare, hospitality, concessions, ghost kitchens, commissaries, or satellite feeding sites – anywhere that needs to serve a lot of food in a short amount of time.

Staging – You’re probably familiar with staging; par-cooking food to reduce the serving time to customers. CVap ovens are unrivaled when it comes to staging. Food can be cooked to a precise temperature just below doneness, then quickly finished and served. That means you could hold an oven full of steaks or burgers at 135°F. As orders come in, food goes from the oven to the pan or grill for finishing. In less than five minutes, your patron has a perfectly-cooked, tantalizing meal.

You can literally turn tables three time faster by staging instead of starting from scratch.