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Greater Flexibility in Your Kitchen Design

kitchen design

CVap® equipment is a powerful addition to any commercial kitchen design. Many users say CVap is one of their favorite appliances. Others swear they would not open a kitchen without CVap.

CVap fits throughout the kitchen design layout. Let’s focus on CVap Hold and Serve Drawers and their ideal placement. Kitchen designs are getting more compact – every square foot must be utilized to create an efficient workspace. Consider CVap drawers in your cook line. See drawings at right for modular-sized equipment stands in single, double, and triple-drawer configurations. Each drawer requires 120 volt 13.1 full load amp operation.

CVap Fits in Small Spaces

We worked with an end-user with an extremely small kitchen. He was frustrated with long ticket times during peak service. His previous partnership had utilized CVap, but he was not part of the equipment selection with this new concept. He called us for suggestions.

kitchen design

Notably, his cook line utilized countertop equipment with a refrigerated drawer base. We discovered that everything he was staging cold could be perfect for staging warm instead. This greatly reduced heat-up time on a griddle or broiler surface. He loved the idea. Consequently, he implemented a two-drawer equipment stand and an additional CVap holding cabinet for additional hot holding back-up. When his patio opened in the summer and doubled his seating capacity, he’d be ready. Ultimately, his ticket times dropped dramatically.

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