How CVap Provides Greater Flexibility in Your Kitchen Design Layout

CVap® is a warm welcome addition to any commercially-sized foodservice kitchen. Many say CVap typically becomes one of the favored pieces of equipment in the kitchen, while others swear they would not open a kitchen without CVap. That is quite a compliment to Winston Foodservice, a family-owned manufacturing company made up of hard working and dedicated people in Louisville, Kentucky. Winston is a global manufacturer exporting products all over the world.

CVap may be found in various areas of the kitchen. This month let’s focus on the HBB5D1 CVap® Holding Drawer and a unique area of placement. Kitchens are getting more compact – every square foot needs to be utilized to create an efficient work space for fantastic results. Consider CVap drawers in your cook line. There are so many choices in equipment options: free standing, counter top, standard oven base, convection oven base, cabinet base, refrigerated base, and CVap drawers placed within a customized equipment stand! Let your culinary mind wander to the possibilities of what items could be holding warm in a perfect CVap environment to assist with extended holding times, without diminishing food quality. See drawing below to modular sized equipment stands in 1, 2, and 3 CVap drawer configurations. Each drawer requires 120 volt 13.1 full load amp operation.

I worked with an owner/end user with an extremely small kitchen who was frustrated with long ticket times of 40 – 45 minutes during peak service times. He had experienced CVap with his prior partnership and was not part of procedures with this new concept. He called us in for suggestions. Upon arrival, I noticed his cook line was using counter top equipment with refrigerated drawer base. We reviewed that everything he was staging cold would be perfect for staging warm instead, which would greatly reduce heat up time from 40°F to 165° F on a griddle or broiler surface, assemble the dish and out for service it would go. He loved the idea and implemented a two drawer equipment stand and an additional CVap holding cabinet in an adjacent room for additional hot holding back-up when his patio opened in the summer and doubled his seating capacity.  He is one ticket time reduced CVap customer!