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CVap Staging in Ukraine

Spencer Cole, a Winston Global Accounts Manager, had the opportunity to visit Ukraine. Moreover, he trained several chains and chefs on CVap® technology. Notably, he provided cooking demonstrations and caught up with loyal Ukraine customer, Star Burger. They use staging, with great success. According to TripAdvisor, their customers agree!

“Best burger and ambiance in Kyiv.” 
-November 2018

Had a double cheese burger with onion and chips, also had a large Heineken with corn Parmesan. All was very good and clean. 

Star Burger – Burgers on the left bank

There are two things that make their burgers different. First, Star Burger was introduced to staging burgers from Winston’s YouTube Channel, specifically the video of John Tesar at The Commissary.

Second, Star Burger finishes their burgers on charcoal grills. Consequently, they capture that “fresh off the grill” flavor. Ukraine’s Star Burger uses a CVap Holding Cabinet (HA4507) stacked with a CVap Cook and Hold Oven (CAC507). Accordingly, they can adjust to the flow of business. Once they cook the burgers in the oven they move them to the holding cabinet. As a result, this configuration allows them to stage new burgers when business flow dictates. Ultimately, this allows maximum flexibility.

Naturally, Star Burger loves the CVap platform. For that reason, they are considering staging other proteins. For example, chicken and salmon. In short, it’s the best food in Ukraine!

Star Burger in Ukraine is tops

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