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The Passion for Cooking Perfect Rice!

I get the opportunity to travel to several western states and work with our customers. I particularly enjoy seeing how they use CVap®. The item that seems to be moving to the center of the plate is rice.

Rice Bowl

CVap for holding rice is a no-brainer! It can hold it better than any appliance out there. For me, it has been interesting working with customers using their current procedure for cooking rice. It usually consists of boiling, steaming, or using a gas or electric cooker. And then the dance before the cooking begins – rinsing until the water runs clear, continuing to rinse 3 – 10 times, then finally soaking rinsed rice anywhere from two hours to overnight.

It has to be exhausting trying to find that perfect procedure to produce the same result over and over again!

Now let’s discuss Winston’s CVap Cook and Hold Oven, with a temperature range from 90°F to 350°F.

For this particular cycle, we are going to use Basmati rice.


  • Measure out 2 pounds of rice (4 cups)
  • Rinse thoroughly three times
  • Soak two hours
  • Place in hotel pan
  • Pour in 4 pounds of water (7 3/4 cups)
  • Cover with lid or foil

CVap Cook and Hold Oven settings

  • Constant cook ON
  • Doneness: 200°F
  • Browning: 2
  • Time: 35
  • Use a 12x20x2.5″ hotel pan with cover, load oven and push start.
more rice
Yep, still more rice

Finally, perfection achieved!

In closing, a bite of trivia; in 2020, the world consumption of rice was 504.3 million metric tons.

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