Delicious South American Fried Chicken

We had a visit from a famous South American fried chicken chain that wanted to take a closer look at our Collectramatic® Pressure Fryers. The owner had heard about Collectramatic but had never tested one until his purchasing manager pointed out our price point compared to their current brand.

We set out to match their current process, texture, and to save on maintenance costs. Their current fryer cost them a lot of time and money on maintenance.

Maintenance was a simple answer but the Collectramatic had, even more, to offer against their current brand:

  • Only has a few moving parts that relate to pressure.
  • Gaskets are simple to remove and clean.
  • The Fryer pot is round and does not have corners that are hard to clean and crack.
  • Collectramatic fryers have the heating elements in the oil resulting in faster recovery time.
  • Fryers can fryer up to 20 batches of 6 heads of chicken (120 heads) without filtering compared to needing to filter after only 4 to 5 batches with their current fryer brand.
settings for south american fried chicken
Chef Barry tests the settings on the Collectramatic

The South American Fried Chicken Test

We cooked a few rounds of South American fried chicken at our “normal” setting. And although the final color matched their website photo, the customer was looking for darker, much darker chicken.

Now the big question, was our Collectramatic pressure fryer ready to match the South American fried chicken they were looking for? “I had confidence, but they have a unique process that I had not tried before”, said Chef Barry.

After breading the chicken they place the breaded chicken in a refrigerator for a minimum of one hour before frying. In our test, we breaded the chicken and placed them in our quarter rack basket assembly before placing them in the refrigerator. Currently, they bread the chicken, place it directly on a sheet pan, refrigerate and hand drop each piece of chicken into the pressure fryer.

Now the big test! Having never had the opportunity to try their chicken beforehand, we had never tasted their breading or their chicken (secret stuff). We were ready! So our Chef Barry Yates set the Collectramatic to their current setting of 350F for 12 minutes and 30 seconds

Amazing Results!

The breaded chicken was pulled from the refrigerator after one hour. Needless to say, the breading was fully set as opposed to when you bread and place it directly into the fryer. In went the chicken, the lid was closed & locked and we pressed the start button.

As the time ticked away we waited patiently waited as the Collectramatic pressure fryer went to work, not knowing how this breaded/refrigerated chicken would turn out.

The buzzer sounds. We pull the chicken. I look at Barry and he looks at me. The chicken appears much darker than we are used to, and we look at the customer to gauge his reaction. Nothing.

We then un-racked the chicken from our quarter rack basket assembly, keeping the chicken on the quarter rack trays, placed the trays easily on a sheet pan (4 per sheet pan) and let the customer dive in.

He begins pulling pieces apart, looks very closely at the breading and studies the interior like a true fried chicken professional. He then takes a knife and cuts through the bone to examine the marrow.  He grabs a thigh and takes a huge bite.Wait for it… “Perfect, now that’s what I’m talking about!”

Barry and I were still a bit skeptical about the dark color until we grabbed our first piece and took a bite. The exterior was dark, firm, crunchy with that old school black iron skillet fried chicken look. It did not have a burned or overcooked taste. The interior was very juicy and very tender.

It was absolutely amazing!

It is clear why this South American fried chicken chain has such a huge following.

So, the next time you are making fried chicken in our Collectramatic pressure fryer, give this breading option a try. You will not be disappointed!

south american fried chicken