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CVap® as a Critical Component of HACCP

Controlled Vapor technology can be a critical component of your HACCP plan. Many of you have discovered the benefits of precision low-temperature cooking provided by CVap® equipment. We often receive reports of you preparing a perfectly prepared rare steak or a beautiful mid-rare burger. But you might not know that this same process provided by CVap can also increase food safety in your operation.

Some people avoid low-temperature processing because of the fear of food-borne illness. Bacteria such as e-coli, salmonella, or Clostridium perfringens are often the culprits. Improper food temperature is the most frequent – and preventable – cause of food-borne illness. This is why temperature control is a critical component of your HACCP plan.  FSIS Directive appendix A&B Compliance Guidelines for Meeting Lethality Performance Standards defines the time/temperature requirements for achieving  6.5-log10 or 7-log10 reduction of Salmonella.

We conducted a test with our CVap technology to see the results of bacteria reduction while maintaining the quality of a medium-rare burger. In our test, we were able to accomplish a +7 log reduction and still maintained the quality associated with a medium-rare burger. Safe and tasty!

You can always trust CVap equipment to produce high-quality results and the food safety needed for your HACCP plan.

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