Corned Beef in CVap

Below are two different methods for preparing corned beef brisket. Try one setting for shredding and another for slicing. Typically, when you order a corned beef sandwich or a grilled Reuben, you’ll find that the beef is either shredded texture or sliced. We tested to determine the ideal settings for both.

The recipe is straightforward. We used pickling spice and water to brine to briskets for several hours and then cooked them in the brine.

The brisket that was ideal for shredding was cooked in a CVap Cook and Hold Oven at 190 + 4 for 11 hours.

The brisket that sliced beautifully was cooked in a CVap Cook and Hold Oven at 135 + 1 overnight.

Both results had phenomenal flavor and tenderness, so it really came down to personal preference, whether you wanted it shredded or sliced.

Speaking of how to serve it…

Corned beef is a St. Patrick’s Day staple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it year-round! Take a departure from the traditional Reuben or corned beef sandwich by trying a couple of alternative combinations:

  • With kimchi, and mayo mixed with Sriracha or your favorite chili paste, served on rye bread (based on a recipe by Chef Camille Parker, Le Cordon Bleu,
  • Add horseradish slaw with Fuji apples, and smoked Gouda served with Dijon mustard on marbled rye bread (based on a recipe by Chef Camille Parker, Le Cordon Bleu,
  • With Havarti, Dijon mustard, and sautéed or grilled onions, piled on pumpernickel rye bread and finished on a Panini grill.

Keep in mind there are more ways to serve corned beef than between two slices of bread:

  • With scrambled or poached eggs and toast points.
  • Pair with mashed potatoes with parsley or dill, and braised cabbage.
  • Chopped with peas, Alfredo-type pasta sauce on fettuccine.
  • Diced with bitter greens, and Fuji apples, served with cider vinegar/grainy mustard dressing.
  • Of course, for us, a classic sandwich with Swiss cheese, cabbage or coleslaw, and spicy mustard on rye bread equal happy campers!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy this protein? Please share with us on Facebook or Twitter, or leave your comments below!