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An Inside Look at Winston: Customer Care

The Winston Customer Care team is essential to the success of our company.
Our team is ready at a moment’s notice to help navigate the daily challenges of our customers and partners. The Customer Care department consists of different personalities that complement each other well. They are all dedicated to the success of their services. Above all, this means keeping things moving and allowing our clients to focus on the success of their business.

Leave No Customer Behind

To the Customer Care department, customer means “everyone who needs support.” Whether an external customer, partner, or internal department. They are the first in line to answer questions, to assist in technical support or warranty administration. For example, they can order aftermarket parts or help with installation. Also, troubleshooting, maintenance, or setting issues are all Customer Care related attributes. Based on these functions, they are reactive and focus on being proactive. Continuous improvement is their goal and their motivation to deliver the best experience. Leave no questions unanswered, use feedback, stay positive, and find new strategies are just some of the ways they continue to provide excellent customer service experiences for our partners.

Customer Care
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Winston Foodservice’s service team is an in-house department at our corporate office in Louisville, Kentucky. Therefore, you will always know with whom you are speaking. Also, all members of the team have access to company-wide assets. These assets include parts, equipment, and staff. They utilize the benefits of being in-house to go from problem to solution promptly. Best of all, they can work with engineering and manufacturing to resolve questions or concerns that may present themselves. They also work with our affiliate, PartsTown, which helps handle parts sales and some basic troubleshooting.  Their staff is trained on our equipment and our Customer Care team actively supports them regularly throughout the day.

In Your Corner

Customers deserve the best service and to have their needs met. We pride our company on providing excellent equipment but also outstanding customer service. Customer Care is here day in and day out to deliver on those expectations. They are who you need in your corner.

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