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Serve Quickly with CVap® Holding Cabinets

Now that there are so many delivery options like Grubhub and DoorDash available, serving customers quickly is an even higher priority. People crave comfort and convenience. Having holding cabinets filled with fresh hot foods for grab and go is more important than ever.

easy holding chicken

Winston’s CVap® Holding Cabinets are a natural fit for ready-to-go meals. Customers can self-serve a complete hot meal, without having to place an order ahead of time. CVap technology keeps food hot and fresh for hours. Foods such as chicken, ribs, and barbecue hold great, with hot sides such as mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, or green beans staying piping hot right alongside the center-of-plate protein.

CVap Holding Cabinets are available with glass doors to enhance visual appeal. There’s even a model with flip-up plexi doors, for greater visual impact. A pass-thru option makes it easy to serve customers quickly and to inventory and restock shelves without having to leave the area behind the counter. You’ll treat your customers to visual appeal, and tantalizing aromas. And because CVap Holding Cabinets never require a vent hood, you can place them virtually anywhere.

To learn more about the benefits of CVap technology, watch this video for a quick, easy explanation. You may also contact us to find the holding cabinet that is right for your customers’ needs. 

easy holding bbq event
easy holding

CVap cabinets range in size from under-counter to full size stretch cabinets. They are available in three feature levels. There’s a size and configuration to suit every need, and a price point to meet every budget. Whether your operation is a kiosk, a food truck, a cafeteria, or a ghost kitchen, we’ve got the perfect cabinet for you. Contact us today!

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