CVap Burger Masters

Seems like everywhere you turn today you’ll see a new burger concept, or a new burger on the menu of an existing concept. No wonder hamburgers are America’s favorite sandwich. There are even entire blogs and websites devoted to our country’s  most esteemed sandwich. Two of our favorites are  A Hamburger Today  on Serious Eats and Hamburger America. If you check out these two blogs you can find out just about everything you want to know about burgers.

In line with America’s love for the hamburger, here at CVap Discoveries we are testing how to produce the perfect burger. Some of our results have been quite interesting. Look for our results on this blog. In the meantime we thought you might like to meet some Burger Masters who are using CVap to produce burgers that WOW! their customers.

Chef John Tesar is so proud of his burgers he chose to share his method for a perfect burger with millions of viewers on YouTube. You can check him out here.

Adam Fleischman in LA has taken burgers to a different dimension, literally. He uses CVap in his concept Umami Burger, which emphasizes Umami (the fifth taste) to make a better burger.

Thomas Salamunovich, a CVap pioneer, first recognized the value of serving a gourmet hamburger at his fine dining restaurant Larkspur restaurant in Vail, Colorado. He turned his single menu item into a concept called Larkburger.

Tony Maws, Chef/Owner of Craigie on Main in Boston, cooks his Bar Burger at a low heat in our CVap oven, followed by a quick char on the plancha. Check him out here:

We are certain that there are many more Burger Masters out there using CVap to help create the perfect burger. Let us know about it and we will highlight your recipe and restaurant!