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Beautiful Beef Brisket: Smoky, Juicy, and Tasty!

Every pitmaster worth his or her salt knows that producing a proper beef brisket is something to be proud of. Between the fatty and the lean parts, there are special challenges. Smoke or cook it too long and the lean portion will dry out, but not long enough and the fat will be undercooked and not rendered enough. Allow the temperature to get too high and the brisket will be bone dry. That’s why low and slow does the trick, and CVap makes a perfect partner for brisket. You want a robust bark, a consistent smoke ring, and tender, juicy meat. No problem, right?


CVap Beef Brisket

Marinate a 3.5 lb. beef brisket in a mixture of Bourbon Barrel Soy Sauce and Worcestershire, and then liberally apply a seasoning rub.

Smoke the beef brisket at 200°F for about 2.5 hours, and then it went into a CVap Cook and Hold Oven set at Constant Cook ON /135°F/Browning Level 2 (new CVap 135°F Vapor Temp/145°F Air Temp) for ten hours.

As you can see, the bark is set, the smoke ring is consistent, and the meat is definitely juicy! Our final yield was about 85%.

As an alternative, you could omit the smoking step and cook the brisket in the CVap overnight at the same setting to come up with this result. Again, it is juicy, tender, and very evenly done.


Please note this setting produces a brisket ideally suited for slicing. If you want a shreddable brisket, set your CVap Cook/Hold Oven to 170°F + 2 (new CVap 170°F Vapor Temp/180°F Air Temp) and cook it overnight. Your yield will be slightly less, but it will shred beautifully.

For the perfect BBQ feast, serve your classic smoked brisket, slice it, slather it with your favorite sauce, and serve it with cole slaw, potato salad, baked beans, sweet onions, dill pickles, and sliced white bread. Oh – and plenty of napkins or paper towels!

Looking for some alternative serving ideas for brisket? Whether you smoke your brisket or not, any of these suggestions will showcase this inexpensive cut of beef very nicely:

Creative Brisket Serving Suggestions

  1. Chop your brisket and use it as a topping on BBQ pizza
  2. Make brisket tacos with cabbage, crema, and fresh avocado
  3. Serve brisket hash as a breakfast or brunch item
  4. Fill ravioli with a brisket mixture and serve with a sauce made with dark beer and caramelized onions
  5. Create a smoky BBQ-style brisket cottage pie topped with mashed potatoes
  6. Add chopped brisket to your chili for a delicious departure from ground beef
  7. Give your vegetable beef soup a different dimension by using sliced or chopped brisket

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