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CVap® Thermoisturization Chart Explained

Thermoisturization - A Big Word for a Big Technology

Thermoistur-what? “Thermoisturization.” It’s a big word, but not hard to understand. It’s a portmanteau of a word originally created by our late founder, Winston Shelton, to describe the functionality of CVap technology. A true scientist at heart, when the proper word didn’t exist, he created a new one. CVap technology isn’t the only “humidified” commercial kitchen equipment. But it is the only technology that uses the power of controlled water vapor to precisely control food temperature. Therm = heat. Moisturization = water. Put ’em together = Thermoisturization.

Chef Sam gives us a quick basic explanation of the term that puts the power in CVap technology. She does this using the Food Thermoisturization Chart.

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