Can You Do Roast Beef in a CVap® Oven?

A restaurant owner approached us wanting to know if he could cook roast beef in a CVap® oven. His goals were simple, he wanted to improve the quality and yield of his roast beef for his establishment’s sandwiches.

Our answer is, OF COURSE YOU CAN!

Starting with their pre-seasoned roast (super-secret wet spice rub in the pictures below) he wanted the end result to be a medium cooked slab of protein (although we’re bigger fans of medium rare). The test was conducted in a CHV5-05UV Cook & Hold Oven.

  • Vapor Temp: 140°F
  • Air Temp: 200°F
  • Cook Time: 6 hours
  • Hold Time: Infinite
  • Convection: On
  • High Yield: On

We used our patented high-yield setting, to maximize the yield to a level that’s only achievable with Winston’s CVap technology.

Cook and Hold Roast Beef

Top round is a tougher cut of meat than say a prime rib, so there is a benefit to extending the hold time for top round beyond the standard cook time. At an internal temperature above 130°F, the connective tissue inside the protein breaks down. This isn’t an issue, you simply leave the roast in the oven longer. The beauty of Winston CVap ovens is that the roast will stay at a steady doneness temperature as long as you need it to.

In this example, we roasted for six hours, and held the product overnight. At the conclusion of the cook/hold cycle, the yield for the top round was 88 percent. A minimum of a six-hour hold is necessary to get the right tenderness in the finished product. Too often roast beef is sliced paper-thin to mask the lack of tenderness. We prefer a thicker slice, and this method will allow you to slice the beef thick enough to sink your teeth into.

As you can see in the pictures, there was great moisture retention and consistent doneness throughout the product. Top to bottom and end to end. CVap is the only cook & hold oven that can produce these results. The picture of the end of the unit was taken after a very thin slice was removed, about 1/16” thick. Normally, there is a ½” to ¾” thick layer of meat that is more done than the center and it needs to be removed, but not in a CVap oven. Thus, improved yield, consistent and precise roasting.

Oh, and the roast was absolutely delicious! But don’t take our word for it. Let’s improve your product yield and efficiency in the kitchen with CVap. Click this link and we will be in touch!