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New CVap Flip-Door Holding Cabinets

CVap® Flip-Door Holding Cabinets are the latest addition to Winston’s CVap holding cabinet line. We made several improvements to perfect it. For instance, see-through doors make taking inventory easy. Due to the new patent-pending magnetic hinges, flip-up doors stay in place, making refilling and packing easy. Pass-through design eases loading from either side.

CVap Flip Door Holding Cabinet

Flip-Door Holding Cabinet: Perfect for Busy Kitchens

The counter-top, flip-door holding cabinet operates at 120V, which makes it easy to place almost anywhere. Flip door windows are available in these models

The CVap Difference

CVap Holding Cabinets are more than just heated holding cabinets. They keep food at the desired temperature and texture level, for extended periods of time. Therefore, you can cook ahead of the rush. Crisp foods stay crisp, and moist foods stay moist. For example, fried chicken is kept crunchy and juicy in a flip-door CVap. CVap (or Controlled Vapor Technology) is a dual heat system that uses a combination of moist vapor heat and dry air heat to precisely control food temperature and texture. Because of this, we can boast the longest fresh holding times in the industry.

For a quick, quirky look at the science behind CVap technology, watch this video.

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