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5 Reasons Why Equipment Maintenance is Important

Commercial kitchen equipment is a big investment. Regular maintenance protects that investment. Winston’s CVap® and Collectramatic® products are no exception. Consequently, they must be maintained to keep them functioning properly.

What do we mean by regular maintenance?

This means commonsense everyday cleaning. Removing food and chemical residue reduces contamination risks. Draining and cleaning also inhibit stainless steel degredation. It also requires regular professional inspections.

Finally, regular maintenance includes adhering to the owner’s manual and following recommendations. This includes proper spacing from other equipment and utilizing the correct electrical, and other physical requirements.


Five Ways Maintenance Protects Your Operation

  1. Protected Staff – Regular maintenance preserves built-in safety features, such as gaskets and pressure locks. Maintenance keeps the kitchen safer and more comfortable. It keeps equipment in good working order.
  2. Protect Food – Maintaining equipment assures that your oven accurately hits temperature setpoints. This protects food integrity. Daily cleaning also keeps the cabinet interior free of contaminants. Critically, food contamination is a top cause of foodborne illnesses.
  3. Protect the Warranty – Winston products are backed by a great warranty. But regular maintenance is necessary to protect that warranty. Daily cleaning preserves stainless steel’s integrity. Corrosion due to lack of cleaning is a common cause of damage. This corrosion isn’t covered by the warranty. After all, warranties are intended to protect against defects, not product neglect.
    1. Protect Your ROI – Maintenance assures reliable operation. It protects warranty coverage. And it reduces contamination risks. Bottom line – it protects you from a multitude of costly issues.

    3. Protects Your Customers – What’s more important than customer safety? Regular maintenance helps protect food quality. Above all, avoid foodborne illness outbreaks at all costs. It’s a minor time investment that helps protect your operation from massive, expensive problems.

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