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More than 50 years ago Collectramatic® frying equipment got its start. It’s been the fryer of choice for major fast food chains and independent foodservice outlets ever since. The Collectramatic® Fryer continues to be a workhorse in the kitchen, providing trouble free performance and consistently-delicious results, year after year. Available in pressure fryer and open fryer configurations, Collectramatics are simply the best fryers for fried chicken, fish, fries and more. Add a Winston Shortening Filter for a perfect pair for any operation serving fried food.

Consistent Every Time

Operators using Collectramatic Fryers can expect a consistent, evenly-fried product every cook cycle, with little attendant labor. Foods are crisp on the outside, moist, and delicious on the inside. Programmable microprocessor controls are easy to use, and store cook times and temperatures for up to eight products. The unique design and cold zone collector make all-day cooking possible with very little or no filtration. Flavor transfer is nearly eliminated and shortening life is dramatically extended.

Collectramatic frying equipment

Collectramatic® Frying Equipment

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